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Jungle Safari Party

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to items I personally bought and used in this post. 

One of our favorite parties was the Safari Party I had for my son a few years back.  One reason why it was a favorite for my daughter was we got to bring out the giant monkey..   I bought that monkey through Oriental Trading Co or a local party store for about $15.  I have used it for our as mascot for a luau, monkey party and or course this safari party.  Each child posed  in a safari hat I bought from Oriental Trading with the giant monkey.  

When the children first arrived, I had the present table set up with safari animals and the house decorated with vines.   (both bought from the craft store and homemade)

I decorated the bathroom with jungle flowers, vines and green towels

The kitchen light had a vine from the craft store that I bought on sale

I also made vines from rolling craft paper and squeezing it in shape.  I added green yarn and craft form leaves.  This particular vine has an added monkey that I bought from Oriental Trading.  The kids each took home a safari animal at the end of the party.

As a reminder of who came that day, I had all the kids sign up to go on a safari.  I made the sign up sheet from a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock so I could put it right in his scrapbook.  I also had pictures of safari animals that I took at the zoo to show what kind of animals that might see on our pretend safari.

I bought a bucket of craft foam safari animals from Michaels.  Each child made their own animal stick.  I see that they are holding cardboard tubes in the picture.  I can not remember what we were going to do with those.   I know we made binoculars for our dinosaur party, which would have been good for this party too. I think I ran out of time and we just used them as looking glasses.  

We played pin the tail on the lion.   I looks like we had a lot of peekers at this party too.   I made the lion from yellow poster board and brown cardstock.

I set up a safari themed obstacle course.  In this picture Kyle is taking the baby elephant to its mama while carrying a marshmallow peanut on his spoon. 

Kara is jumping over the snakes here.

At the end of the obstacle course, was mama elephant.  The kids had to bring her the baby, and place the marshmallow peanut through a small hole on top of her trunk

Kyle was very excited to lead the safari.  I love this picture of all the kids in hats looking for wild animals.

On good thing about the kids having WAY TOO MANY stuffed animals is that we had plenty of animals in the safari.  Please excuse the extra clutter in some of these pics,  but it did come in handy.  I was able to make a rock for the large cat area out of something that did not get put away.

Here the kids are looking at the snakes close up.   I just bought a bag at the dollar store. 

If you look in the distance you can see a zebra hiding behind those chairs.

The leopards are having some family time in the chair.

More animals that could been seen while on the safari. 

Oh no, two of the big cats have escaped their cages. Be on the look out! Its much more impressive when you are a young kid.

Kyle wanted a cake in the shape of a banana.  I made a yellow cake in a long tube pan.  I frosted the cake with light yellow frosting and then used a darker yellow fondant for the peel

This picture cracks me up.  I love how Kara is blowing out the candles too.   

I will always remember this party fondly. 

Here are some more Jungle Safari items from Oriental Trading that you might be interested in for your party. 

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  1. Another amazing party. I am totally in awe each time you post a new party. I hope your kids realize how lucky they are! Great job!


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