Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bargain Books at Borders

I received an email from Borders advertising their Bargain Blowout sale  4/8-4/11.  I decided to go check it out to see the hundreds of items $1 and up.  I have to say, I did not see one item for a $1, but I did see a few items that caught my interest.  

I ended up buying one book that was a SUPER deal.   The list price for this Taste of Home Cookbook binder is $29.95.  It was on sale for only $4.99  which is already 83% off, but there is more...

Inside the binder,  there is a card for a FREE years subscription to Taste of Home Magazine, a value of $23.94 if you pay full subscription price.    Taste of Home is one of my favorite recipe  magazines. To get a cookbook with over 1300 recipes and a free year subscription for only $4.99, now that is in an AWESOME DEAL!

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