Friday, July 3, 2020

Dare to Share #424

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Happy 4th of July!  

Well we are in the final stretch for the move of my friend.  This week we worked very hard to get everything organized and set up for an estate/moving sale in 90 degree plus heat.  It has been a lot of work and the sale has been going on for the last few days.  We have decided to open at least part of the day tomorrow since we are on a very busy lake were there will be a lot of traffic.  Then we have to box everything up and make sure the property is ready for an open house that will be this Sunday.   Afterwards we will spend our last 4th of July watching fireworks over the water. It will definitely be a bittersweet holiday.  She has had several people stop by during the sale to say they were interested in the house and hope to come to the open house.  To say we are beyond tired is an understatement but it has been worth it.  Since I really need to get some sleep for our big day tomorrow, I need to get this party started.  

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday.. BE SAFE and HAVE FUN !! 

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Dare to Share #423

It is Saturday, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

If you have been following my Dare to Share parties for awhile, you know that I have been helping my best friend clean out her house, and pack for a big move.  This past week was probably our busiest week, because we were on a time deadline.  She wanted to get her house on the market before the 4th of July holiday. (she lives on a lake) We were finally able to get it all done with a huge push this past week.  Yesterday (Friday) we had movers moving all the furniture and items she was not moving to the garage, and a cleaning team over for a deep clean, all at the same time. Not ideal timing, but the time that worked for everyone. We are now also trying to get organized to have a big garage/estate sale next week.  By the time I got home last night I was very tired and sore.  I did not realize I forgot to post the party until today while I was sitting in the ER parking lot.  My friend who is moving, may have a stress fracture in her foot.  This morning it was swollen and bruised and she is not exactly sure how she hurt it but it was hurting enough I took her to the Dr.  Visitors are still not allowed to go in with the patient so I have been waiting. She just called that she is almost ready to go, so I need to get this party started. 

Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dare to Share #422

It is Friday night, and you know what that means..
It is time to Dare to Share!

We are still very busy helping my friend move.  We have a deadline of the end of the month.  We still have a decent amount to do, but making progress. Tonight one of our friends took us out on her boat to rest and cool off.  I'm really going to miss this view.   

Well since it is a little after midnight, I am going to get this party started. 

Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dare to Share #421

It is Friday night, and you know what that means, 
it is time to Dare to Share! 

We are still very busy packing up my friends house and helping her get it ready to move.  We are making progress slowly but surely. One of the definite perks of helping a friend who lives on the lake are the occasional boats rides when we take breaks. 

One of my friends had a big birthday this week, so we gave her a small party, and took a boat ride. It was such a beautiful day out on the water 

I did find time to get one blog post done in between all the moving.  As you know I love the Dollar Tree which has been having some really incredible finds lately.  If you love cookbooks you will want to check out some NEW Dollar Tree Cookbooks that sell for a lot more in other stores and online.

Well it looks like it is about that time, so I better get the party started.  

Linked up and HAVE FUN!! 

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

"NEW" Dollar Tree Cookbooks To Check Out

I love to buy cookbooks.  When I buy them I am excited and full of hope, that I will actually make some of the recipes in them. I don't always use them, so sometimes it is hard justifying paying a lot of money on a book.  I don't know if you have realized it or not, but the Dollar Tree has a book section that I check every single time I am in the store.  You won't believe some of the amazing deals you may find.    Today I am going to share the new cookbooks that I have are new to my store this week.  Each store is a little bit different but most stores get many of the same titles.  

The Science of Skinny Cookbook by Dee McCaffrey  List price on this  book is $19.99.  Prices for the book online are on  Amazon $15.70, and Barnes and Noble $17.99. In this book you will find 175 whole food recipes.  There are not pictures with every recipe, but several pages ofcolor pictures in the middle of the book.  I wrote down some of the recipes that caught my eye as I scanned through the book, they are Apricot Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pecans, Broccoli in Orange Sauce and Cherry Vanilla Smoothies. 

75 Flowers for Cake Decorators by Helen Penman List price on this book is $21.99.   Prices for the book online are $8.77 (ebay) and $9.38 (Walmart) both resale. The byline for this book is A beautiful collection of easy to make floral toppers for cakes and cupcakes. I was blown away by this book! There were beautiful pictures and directions for all 75 different flowers that arrange from easy to advanced.  There were so many flowers that I would love to try and make, and some of my favorites were the roses, orchids and lilies. 

Spiralizer Skinny by Vicky Ushakova and Rami Abramov  List price on this book is $19.99. Prices that I found online are $7.99 for Kindle and Barnes and Noble Ebook. The byline on this book is lose weight with easy low carb spiralizer recipes.  I decided to share this book in a separate pic because I found a spiral slicer at Aldi this week which is my other favorite store for $6.99.  Buying the two together would make a great gift idea.  The recipes that caught my eye that I really want to try are the California Chicken Salad,  Chicken and Broccoli Bake,  Chicken Parm Zoodles, and Bacon Cheddar Zucchini Fritters 


Charlie Palmers American Fare by Charlie Palmers (an award winning chef and who owns several restaurants) List price on this book is $40.00 (pictured)   The prices I found online are $19.99 for Kindle and Barnes and Noble ebook, and $4.83 resale.   This books is really big, and has more than 100 recipes.  Since it is only $1 at the Dollar Tree that is like paying only a penny for each recipe.  If you want to cook like a chef, then you will want to check this book out.  It would definitely make a great gift.   Some of the recipes that caught my eye are Pork Chops with Rum Maple BBQ Sauce and Italian Style Grilled Cheese and many more. 

Dairy Free Delicious by Katy Salter  List price for this book is  $23.95. The price I found online is $13.40 on Amazon.  Katy wrote this book because she found out she was lactose intolerant while working at a food magazine.   I personally love dairy, but I have a couple of friends who are also lactose intolerant so I could use this book to make things for them.  There  are pictures for many of the recipes which do not look complicated.  Some of the recipes that caught my eye are Chocolate Truffles, Brownies and several breakfast recipes  


Impatient Foodie by Elettra Wiedemann  List price on this book is $29.99. The price I found online for this book is $14.99 on seveal sites for the ebook version.  The byline on this book is 100 delicious recipes for a hectic, time-starved world.  There are pictures for almost all of the recipes. I admit to not being a foodie.  I have a simple almost child like palate. I'm not picky, but tend to eat easy to make food. This book makes fancy looking foods in a simple way, so I thought I would give it a try.   Some of the recipes in this book that caught my eye are tomato soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons, Apple Brie Bacon Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Bread Pudding and Arugula Watermelon Salad.  

Halloween Treats b Annie Rigg  List price on this book $16.95 The prices I found online for this book are $4.69 used on Ebay and $11.95 on Amazon.   The byline on this book says Simply Spooky Recipes for Ghoulish Sweet Treats.  There are pictures of all the recipes most of which are cookies, cakes and sweet treats.   The recipes that caught my eye are Brainball Clusters, Sugar Rats and Pumpkin Pies.   This is a fun book especially if you love Halloween and have Halloween parties.  

WOW!!  I just added up the list prices on my calculator.  If I bought all the books at their list price the amount I would pay would be $172.86 (before tax)..  The amount I actually paid... only $7!!! 

Not all Dollar Trees get the same books at the same time, but if any of these books sound interesting definitely check the book section of your local store.  There are many other smaller paperback cookbooks out right now as well. 
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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Dare to Share #420

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

This week has been a busy one.  I am still helping my friend with her big move. I was at her house almost every day, sorting, packing, and transporting stuff.  She has made progress but still has so much to do.  Since I have been busy with her move, I did not post anything new this week.  Tonight while over at my friends house, we celebrated another friends big birthday. I did take lots of pictures of her themed gift bag and makeshift photo booth.   

I know this picture is a little bit out of focus, but I took it tonight looking at the Strawberry moon. It was so pretty in person how it reflected over the lake.  This was our view while eating chocolate cake with strawberries and whip cream... definitely not a bad way to end the day. 

Well it is about that time, time to get this party started...

Link up and HAVE FUN! 

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dare to Share #419

It's Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

I'm running a little bit behind this week.  I have been helping one of my best friends to pack up her house and move to her new house. There is a LOT to be done. I went through it myself a few years ago,  so I know how she is feeling.  It is bittersweet and overwhelming for her.  She does have a nice smaller house that is better for her needs, but she is leaving a home where she has lived for over 20 years, knows all the neighbors and on a lake. It is definitely one of my favorite places to be, especially in the summer time. I am sure we will be making some new memories at her new house, but for now we are working hard and trying to enjoy a few more days at the old one. 

I was able to get one new post done this week ..

I tried out a product I found at the Dollar Tree.  You can see my review of the Rapid Egg Cooker here. You might be surprised at what I thought. 

Since I am a little bit late for the party, let's get it started.. 

Link up and HAVE FUN! 

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Rapid Egg Cooker Review

Not that long ago while at the Dollar Tree, I found a Rapid Egg Cooker. It claimed it was the World's Fastest and Easiest Way to Cook Eggs.  Since it was only a dollar, I thought why not give it a try.

When I opened the box, I found a small microwave safe bowl with directions to use it etched in the bowl. 

It is hard to see, but you can see what I mean in this photo here. 

The directions were also on the back of the box. It said to add a little bit of milk to the bowl to the fill line, and then add two eggs. 

I accidentally added a little bit too much milk, but so far this is how I usually start making my scrambled eggs in a separate dish before adding it to a frying pan.  I mixed the eggs and milk with a fork, and placed it in the microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds as instructed on the box. 

I thought they looked good but just slightly under cooked at the instructed time.  I put them back in for 20-30 more seconds. 

In a total of 2 minutes, my scrambled eggs turned out perfectly.  I have made eggs with the Rapid Egg Cooker a handful of time since I took these pictures each time with the same results.  This product gets a HUGE thumbs up from me.  Not only can you use the microwave bowl for a lot of things, it really does make delicious eggs without the mess. If you see this product while at your local Dollar Tree, give it a try.  
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Friday, May 22, 2020

Dare to Share #418

It is Friday night, and you know what that means..
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Another week flew by. How is it almost June?!   My daughter had her second week of work this week, and it seems to be going well. I have been working on things around the house, and doing my weekly shopping. I found some really great new finds at my local Dollar Trees, and wrote a post about what I found. This time of year a few of my friends have had birthdays.  One is having her "big birthday" in a couple of weeks. Since we are not able to give her a regular party with social distancing,  I am putting together a themed birthday bag that I know she will be thrilled about.  My friend who had her birthday the end of April, I gave her a mermaid theme gift bag. I have been thinking about doing birthday theme ideas on the blog.  Look for those starting soon. 

Here is the link to my post Dollar Tree New Awesome Finds 

Well it looks like it is about that time of night. Time to get this party started.  

Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dollar Tree New AWESOME Finds

As you may know, the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. In the last several months they have really stepped up their game, and have sold some really amazing things. Here are some of my current finds that are in the stores right now.  

How cute is that toucan?! I am not having a luau, but I think I might want to in the future if it means more colorful toucans. 

Know anyone graduating?  There are really cute rubber duckie 2020 graduates that would make a great gift. 

I found the wooden cat in the new Crafter Square section.  I think that wooden piece on it's face it is supposed to be it's muzzle, but I think it looks like a face mask.  I am going to paint it as a face mask which not so serious way to remember the quarantine of 2020. 

I had to pick up the 4th of July unicorn. I love unicorns, and I have never seen a red, white and blue one. If you like dogs, they also had a canine version.

Here are some gift ideas for kids, and yes, I am a big kid so I picked some up. These mini boos blind boxes are mini TY figurines. You have no idea what is inside until you open them. I also found a giant unicorn eraser. 

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the mini boos. They are well made, and heavy. I had two penguins and a teddy bear in my boxes.  There are 12 to collect in this series, and all are super cute. 

By the check out I found multipurpose bandanas.  You can wear them in multiple ways, including as a face mask.  I really like purple, so this will go with many of my outfits. 

I think I am most excited about these cell phone accessories, all only for $1 each.  

These adjustable hands are heavy duty, and perfect for holding my cell phone.  I have seen them on sale in other places for a lot more.  The hold different sizes of phone and tablets.

I have been looking for a hands free phone holder for my car for quite awhile that is inexpensive and fits in my car.  They had one you can use in an air vent which is good, because my car is a bit older and does not have a lot of space.  This one works in my vent next to my steering wheel, which is a perfect spot to see my online maps. 

If you like to take photos, check out this wide angle lens you can add to your cell phone.  The lens clips to your phone camera and actually works... check the photos below.

This first picture was taken with my regular came lens.

In the same spot as the first picture, I took this picture of the same tree.  You can definitely tell a difference. While it is not super high end, it is really cool for the price. 

Also brand new to my stores are these gorgeous lemon dishes.  They had dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and several different glasses.  I did not need a full set but I did pick up a few dinner plates and bowls. They would be so cute to use for a shower, garden party or just because you think they are pretty.  

I hope you liked these awesome finds as much as I did.  I may have already found a few new ones to share next week! 

Happy shopping!

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