Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make Ahead Stuffed French Toast

How to make  stuffed french toast

In mid March I shared a recipe for Make Ahead French Toast Casserole.  This recipe is similar, but not quite the same.  This time the bread is kept whole, and the french toast has a creamy filling.

You will need 2 pieces of bread per person.   This recipe tastes great with a cinnamon raisin  bread, but I did not have any on hand this weekend.  I used Aunt Millies Country Buttermilk Bread.    You can use any bread that you prefer. 

Spread all of  the slices of bread with cream cheese.   I spread the four bottom slices with strawberry cream cheese and the top slices with regular white.   If you like blueberries, this recipe would be wonderful with blueberry flavored cream cheese. 

Place the top slices cream cheese side down on top of the bottom layer.  I made a cinnamon suger mixture from white sugar and cinnamon.   I am a Rachael Ray type of cook.  I did not measure but just eyeball the amount the sugar.    Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar liberally over the bread.  If you use a cinnamon bread as your base, you can skip this step. 

Mix 4-6 eggs and a 1/2 cup milk and pour over the bread.  I did miss some of the bread so after I took this picture I took a spoon and covered it more thoroughly.

Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight. 

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees.  I turned my oven before the kids had their egg hunt.  
Bake the french toast for 30 minutes.

Make Ahead French toast for special occasions

After we were done with the egg hunt the french toast was ready.   We added fresh sliced strawberries and Redi Whip that I got on sale this week at Meijer.  It was a simple but yet special breakfast for a special day. 


  1. o looks yummy:) im totally gonna try, my hubby will LOve it!!

  2. Wow - that looks so good! I'll have to try this!


  3. Oh mouth is watering! I'm saving this one for sure!

    Thanks for linking up to Terrific Under Ten!

  4. Delish!! I make a baked french toast for brunches that is always a hit as well!! :-) Thanks for linking up to my Marvelous Mess party!!!!

  5. Mmmm, that's my kind of meal! Sounds fabulous!

  6. This looks super...cinnamon sugar with strawberries? Sign me up!! And I am so like you - Rachel Ray cooking is the way to go. Through in a dash here, a spoonful there, the best cooking has no exact recipe!! Although with baking - thats a while other story!

    Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday. I hope to see you again next week!!

  7. Thanks so much for linking up to Make & Share today!

  8. MMMMMM! This looks sooo yummy and I love the idea of the cream cheese and fruit flavored filling! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!

  9. Mmmm! I love french toast! This looks so good, can't wait to try it. Thanks for linking up!


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