Friday, April 22, 2011

Target deals this week

I had a GREAT night at Target.   A few of the deals were different prices than I saw on Totally Target, but still great deals...

Allegra Allergy on price cut $6.78.  I used a $2 Target coupon and a $5 man. coupon.  I made .22

Zyrtec (I bought the bigger pack because I need to take these often)  $18.19 for the 24 pack.  I used a $7 off man coupon (had to be for 24 pk or larger)  and a $4 Target coupon.  Final price $7.19

Lysol on sale $1.89.  I had a $1.50 Facebook coupon, final price .39

Natural Instincts Hair color..  Now this would have been an even better deal if I had the $2 Target coupon but I did not, still a good deal..  On sale $5.99.  I used a $3 man coupon, final price $2.99

Olay Regenerist.. again I did not have the $2 Target coupon, but had a $3 man coupon.   $5.99 reg price, after coupon, $2.99

Nivea Body Wash (the only bottle left)  $3.99.  I used a $3 man coupon, final price .99

2 Aveeno $2.99.  I used a $1 off coupon (only had 1) and $3 off 2 man coupon.  Final price .99 each.  Would be only.49 if I had the 2nd Aveeno coupon. 

Rimmel eye liner (for my teen daughers Easter Basket)  $3.14.  I had $1 off coupon, final price $2.14

NYC brow/ liner pencils $1.72.  I had .50 coupon, final price $1.22 for two pencils

I spent only  $21.42 and saved $37.50 ($34 in coupons)  for a 64% savings!

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