Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dare to Share #199

It is Friday night, and you know what that means..
It is time for the end of the semester Dare to Share!
If you have followed me for awhile you will know around this time of year, my life and that of my children get a little crazy.  For eight semesters my oldest daughter took a mix of online and in school classes  Every single semester without fail, she would fall behind and have to basically work non stop for a couple of weeks ti finish in time. I was really hoping now that she graduated the end of the semester would not be that difficult. This year I had not one, but TWO kids rushing to get last minute work done. My son has his German class online and he needed to be at least 60% complete to at least pass. As of a few weeks ago, he was only 41% done. German took over his life the last few weeks, but at least he finished over 22% of his classwork in a short amount of time. He passed, but did not get the grade her deserved 
( a B+ on work completed) but  D because he had only 63% of the semester work complete My youngest daughter has also had to have a huge last minute surge of work to complete.. For the last couple of weeks I have been helping her almost 24/7 to make up a lot of work she missed while out with her migraines. Today as of 3 pm, she was DONE.. We wont know the final grades for a few more days, but we are all very grateful that the semester is over, and she can start fresh next week.  On top of all of the homework that needed to be done, I have been working almost every single day lately. After today, things should get a little bit easier, that is until the end of next semester.  

The only non homework post I was able to get posted was It's a Spectacular Snow Day. Now that we have a three day weekend WITHOUT homework,, I will  be able to work on those Candy Party post that have been been wanting work on. 

Now it is time for this week's party. You are welcome to link up anything that you want to share.  If you are chosen as a Dare to Share Feature of the Day, your post will be shared n the blog and my social media. This party is seen on Kandy Kreations for double the exposure.  Kim also chooses features for her blog and social media. 

Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's a Spectacular Snow Day

I was asked to be part of the Spectacular Snow Day by who sponsored this post. All opinions in this post are 100% mine. 

A few years ago, I posted ideas for a Snowman themed Snow Day Party.  We had many snowman treats such as snowmen pizza, snowmen banana skewers, snowmen pretzel rods,  and Teddy Graham sledding bears. We had a marshmallow snowman building station and a craft area.  In the years since I wrote  that post I have shared many other winter/snow posts that would also be a great to do when you are stuck inside.  If you live on the East coast and were in Winter Storm Jonas this past weekend, you might even still be snowed in from the blizzard today.  

If it is too cold to go outside and make a real snowman, use a few circle pretzels, white chocolate, and chocolate chips to make one you can eat.  You can see more  on the post  Snowman Pretzel Treats

If you have tortillas and powdered sugar you have all the ingredients you need to make Sweet Snowflake Treats

Feeling crafty?  You can make a yourself a little snow buddy with socks from the dollar store in the post Sock Snowman

When the movie Frozen came out, Anna and Elsa had the ultimate snow day thanks to Elsa's special powers. You can have a Frozen themed Snow Day and  build your own Olaf the Marshmallowman or make Elsa's Ice Candy

So the next time you car looks like this and you are stuck inside,  hopefully you will find a few ideas to make it the best Spectacular Snow Day  to remember.  

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dare to Share #198

It is Friday night, and you know what that means... 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

This week went very quickly for me, probably because it was all over the place.  Monday was the calm before the storm, so to speak. We had a day off of school for Martin Luther King Day/teacher development day. Both of my kids are/were behind in their homework, and neither got any done om their day off.  The rest of the week my daughter had headaches and was late for school the last three days.  I had a sub job Thursday morning, but woke up sick, so I had to cancel it.  Luckily I canceled early enough that someone else picked it up in time. I felt really bad doing that, but you can't teach 4th graders all day if you feel like you are pass out, and possibly have to reach for the trash can.  I ended up taking a 4 hour nap, which really helped me feel better. It was also my oldest daughter's birthday that day, but we did not get to celebrate.  She is currently out of the state, and we missed having her home Today I had a sub job in the media center  where I used to volunteer.  It ended up being a great day. I will be called to fill again, because I knew the job well due to helping out there for so long. It felt like I had never left, even though it was three years since my volunteer days.   My son passed his online German class the last minute today. I was quite stressed about it, because if he did not finish it in time, it could have messed up his graduation.   Now this weekend we have a lot of make up work to finish up on that my daughter missed when she was out of school with her headaches.   Whew.. Next week have to worry about several midterms. 

This week I shared some of the great Party Finds I found for a Candy Land Party.  I have a few projects planned, but did not have a chance to work on them with all the school craziness.  

In honor of my oldest daughter's birthday, I did a flashback post to the year she wanted a Sushi birthday.  I shared How to Make Candy Sushi that I put on top of her cake. It's hard to believe how quickly the years went by.  

With the freezing temps and all of the snow hitting a big portion of our country this week, I chose this cute Paper Mache Penguin craft by About Family Crafts as a Dare to Share Feature this week..  Are you in the storm where  you live?  

My co-host Kim from Kandy Kreations is in a snow mood. Her posts this week have a snowman theme like these Snowman Oreo Pops

Now it is time for this week's party.  You are welcome to share anything that you would like to share. If you are chosen as a Dare to Share Feature of the Day, your post will be featured on the blog and my social media.  This party is also seen on Kandy Kreations for about the exposure.  Kim also chooses post to feature on her blog and social media.  

Link Up and Have Fun! 


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Make Candy Sushi

Four years ago my daughter wanted to have a Sushi birthday.  We went to her favorite sushi restaurant, and I made her Sweet Sushi birthday cake. If you have never made candy sushi before, it is actually not that difficult. You can see how I made mine on my post Sweet Sushi here.

I am feeling a bit sad about this years's birthday. Not only is my daughter all grown up and 19 now, but this is the first year we will not be spending her birthday together. She is currently in another state.   I will be busy with work  most of the day, but I will sure by thinking about her. Maybe I will just have to make a cake, so we can celebrate anyway. 
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paper Mache Penguin - Dare to Share Feature of the Day

With the freezing temps and snow in many parts of the country, it definitely feels like winter is here. If you are looking for a fun winter themed craft, About Family Crafts shared how to make this cute paper mache penguin using items you might already have in your craft supplies. It would make a cute winter decoration, and possibly ornament for next Christmas.  Be sure to stop over to About Family Crafts to see how to make it. 
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Candy Land Party Supply Ideas

Recently I announced that we are trying something new this year on the blog. Each month there will be a different main party theme that will have several idea posts. Our first party theme is CANDY. Since Kara wants to help me with a lot of the crafts and ideas, I allowed her to choose the  first theme. It has become a little more complex than we thought it would, because there are actually several different directions we can go. She wanted to do  Candy Land Party ideas, I was thinking more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party.  I also realized my two favorite games on Facebook are Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda. This weekend on Disney  Channel, I watched Wreck It Ralph for the first time in a long while. It is one of my favorite  animated movies, so I was excited to see it again.  I also love the idea of a Candy Store/Shop Party.   There are just way too many cool things to do with this theme to pick just one, so we are going to do ideas for ALL of them and have it be in both January and February. February also has Valentines Day, which is also a great holiday for CANDY. 

Since it has been a long time since my kids have played Candy Land and we no longer have the game, I had to do some research. I had no idea that the game has changed so much over the years. I found several Candy Land Party Supplies on Amazon if you are thinking of having a Candy Land Party.  (these are affiliate links) 

Candyland has been around since 1949.  They recently came out with a Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game
Even the Disney Princesses love candy in the Candy Land Disney Princess Edition

I was surprised to see this Disney Parks exclusive Candyland ~ Disney Theme Park Edition

Decorate for the party with these Eureka Candy Land Pepper Stripes Deco Letters

Candy Land Giant Wall Decals would be great to decorate the walls for the party, or for a Candy Land themed  bedroom. 

There is even a version that has the Candy Land Giant Decals and  Standup Kit

Want to make a huge statement at your party, these Candy Land Gingerbread Piece Cutouts are almost 4 feet tall. 

Don't need the party pack for 16, here is a smaller one , Candy Land Standard Party Pack for 8

I was surprised with how many Candy Land themed party supplies are actually available.  I hope what I have found will help you start to plan your own Candy Land Party. 

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