Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Target Deals

I picked up some more Target deals today.  I really need some toilet paper, so I wanted to see if my store got any Charmin Sensitive in.  It didnt.   I did have some regular Charmin coupons that were not quite as high value, but still made for a good deal. 

Charmin Mega packs on sale $9.99 each.  Buy 2 get $5 gift card back.  I used two $1 off Charmin Target coupons and two $1 off 1 Mega pack from my P & G coupons booklet.   $10.98  or $5.49 after coupons and gift card.

Diet Pepsi/People deal.  $3 automatically taken off your order when you buy one 4pk of skinny diet pepsi cans and 1 people magazine.   The 4 packs are $1.99.   I  bought 2 because I had a buy 1 get 1 free printable from Smart Source.  I also had a $2 off People magazine from  Final price $1.98 for 8 cans of pepsi and a People magazine.   

Olay Deal.. Buy 2 and get back a $5 gift card.    My store's stock was really low and I did not have all my coupons,  so I had to buy 2 different kinds.   One was Olay Ultra Moisture for $5.04.  The other was Olay Luscious Embrace with bonus tube for $5.92.  I had a $2 off  and a $3 off coupon from the recent P &G insert. .   Final price .96 after coupons and gift card.

Sobe Lifewater  on sale $1.  I used a .50 Target coupon, final price .50

Up and Up soap .89.  I used a .50 Target coupon, final price .39

Wii double pack 50% clearance.   AMF Bowling World Lanes and Guiness World Records  was $29.99.  I got it for $14.98.  (this is a birthday present for my son whose birthday is at the end of the month)

The stuffed puppy $4.98. My daughter is giving that to a friend for her birthday. 

Hanes 6 +2 bonus pack of underwear.   Was $6.54 on clearnace for $4.61, only .22 a pair! 

Orbit gum was .99.  I used a .75 Target coupon, final price .24

Kara is wearing a pink straw hat from the dollar spot from the $2.50 line.  She wants to embellish with ribbon and flowers.  

2 silver buckets from the $2.50 dollar spot. (Have an idea for these that we will hopefully share soon)

2pk mini pots in yellow, pink and blue, $1 each 

3 metal  mini garden stakes, $1 each. 

Cute little owl statue $1 

I used $14.74 in coupons. and earned two $5 gift cards.  I bought 2 birthday presents and some new crafting items.  Overall  a pretty good trip.

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