Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am Superwoman

Okay, I am not really, but I am a bit amused and frustrated that my family seems to think I can do anything.

In addition to my everyday duties of mom taxi, home school teacher, homework enforcer, school volunteer, laundry cleaner, home picker upper and  meal maker (though not so often, lately LOL!),  I am now also a last minute costume designer.  

Yesterday, Kara gave me this drawing ..  She has her end of the year choir concert on Monday.  She is going to be a red bird.  She mentioned a month ago that she would have to plan her costume with her best friend, who is also a red bird.  She never mentioned it again until last night at 8:30 p.m, when she said that I had to make two red bird costumes by Monday.  WHAT??   In her defense, she knows I CAN make red bird costumes because I majored in fashion design and I make most of their Halloween costumes, but those are also planned weeks in advance.  They are also made when I do not already have an insanely busy schedule. I am flattered she thinks I can do anything, but there is just no way I have the time to make her design.   I told her that I really loved her drawing, but that I was NOT going to make two bird costumes from scratch by Monday.  I told her that we would find some red clothes (hopefully something already in her closet) and add some feathers to it.  I also talked to the choir director and found out that Kara's plan  is going way above and beyond what she needs to do.    She is doing a small solo dance (in her boot) in the show, so  she really wants to stand out..  We went to JoAnn's after Physical Therapy today to see what she could find. .

We found the red T-shirts on sale at Walmart for only $2.50.   I bought shiny tulle, feathers, mini boas, sheer ribbon, thread and red glitter glue from JoAnns.  Her choir teacher also has red boas for the kids to wear.
Somehow these items will be come part of her  costume. Since her best friend doesn't own anything red, and she promised I would make something, I will make some cute accessories for her too.  Kara  does have a beautiful red dress she could wear,  but it is not something that I want to be embellished.     Stayed tuned to see how this turns out..  I will be helping most of the day during the rehearsal, and taking Kara to a private dance class she set up when her dad took her to dance.  She is really excited about her solo dance, which will be interesting in her boot.  

Also on the agenda in the next few days.. We need to work  on setting up the garage for the sub wide  garage  sale.  I really wish it was NOT next weekend. I could use a lot more time.  The last few days of school are busy enough, without adding more stress.   The reason why I am going to do it is because we do get a lot of great traffic, and the neighborhood association doesn't really want us to do sales at other times of the year.  I have a ton of things I could sell, just not sure if I will have them ready to sell in time.  I have already decided I will just do what I can. and hopefully make a little bit of money.  When my mom comes this summer for a visit, she can help me prepare items for next years sale.

Also  sometime in the next week, I  need to find time to put together gifts for 2 teachers, a parapro and a bus driver.   Kyle also has a special ed teacher who is a man, so I am not sure what I will do for him yet.

We also have only 13 more days of the online semester for the program my high school student is in.   While she will have no problems finishing 2 of the classes early,  she still has a lot of work to catch up in on the other 2. Somehow in the next 13 days I need to make sure she finishes 3 big projects, a term paper and takes 5 exams and some other misc. assignements.   She does go to our public high school part time, which  has a crazy schedule in the next week for exams.  Hopefully we will be where we need to be at the right times.

Well this Superwoman wishes she could hang out and rest, but  I have to go be the homework enforcer.  Hopefully they don't have too much tonight.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changes on Facebook Pages

Have you noticed that you are not seeing all of your favorite Facebook pages in your feed anymore?  There is a reason for that, that you might not be aware of.

Facebook is now limiting the amount of pages you see even though you liked them.  If you do not occasionally click on like post or comment, there is a good chance you  are not going to  see that page.    They also added a new feature, where you now have to click on "Show in News Feed", which can be found when  you hover over the liked button.  
If you have a lot of Facebook followers, you have an option to pay Facebook to show to reach all the people who liked your page.  I know this is not going over very well with many bloggers, especially those who have a large fan base.  While I understand why Facebook  feels they need do that, there will be many bloggers who are not taking that option.  As much as I love m followers, I do not have the money to be paying for something like that.  Most of what I post on Facebook, I also post on the blog anyway.


So if you have pages that you want to be sure to keep  in your feed, make sure to click on the show in news feed on their pages.  Please also be sure to do so on mine here!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Red, White & Blue Dessert

For dessert tonight, we wanted to make something red, white and blue in honor of the day.  I came up with these delicious sundaes!

We started with a pastry base.  I had some crescent seamless dough on hand, so I used that to make the cinnamon cookies

I cut out some circle shape and sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar.  I then baked them for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

The cookie looks a little  lonely on the plate.

I then added some blueberries and bananas.  I had planned on adding some strawberries, but the container I bought just a few days ago, had already gone bad.

I improvised and instead of strawberries drizzled on cherry topping.

I added a very large dollop of whipped topping and a maraschino cherry on top.  These were so good, I had two!  These were so much fun to make and even a little bit healthy.  I used sugar free ice cream, and a lot of fruit .

I will be linking up this yummy dessert on these link parties here.

Tip Junkie handmade projects
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Crafting with Kara-Quick Patriotic Wreath

We were at the Dollar Tree recently when Kara saw some red, white and blue items.  She said she had an idea and asked if she could buy a few to make a craft.    She picked up a wreath, two blue garlands with stars, and some bows.  She couldn't decide if she wanted large or small, so she bought both.

*this post contains affiliate links.  I will receive a small commission if you buy anything through those links. 

She started wrapping the garland around the wreath.  The two garlands were the perfect to size to wrap the wreath entirely.

It looks pretty with just the garland, but it is not quite finished.

She decided on the big bow. It gave it more of a wow factor.

We found the perfect place to hang it.

It is perfect for Memorial Day and the 4th of July.  The best thing is that with all the supplies at the dollar store, it also only costs a couple of dollars to make.

If you are looking for inexpensive crafting supplies, be sure to check out When you buy from Dollar Tree online you can have your items shipped free to your local store.
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Happy Memorial Day!


 Have a safe and wondeful Memorial Day!  Be sure to remember all of those who died for our freedom!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taming the Wild

This is what my vegetable garden looked like earlier today.   Um, you could say it was a tad overgrown.   Because of how busy we have been, a lot of the yard work has been put off a bit.  In the last two days though, both the vegetable garden and one of the flower beds are now mostly weed free.   The company that  I met with last week, came and took care of the front and side a few days ago.   Little by little the yard is starting to look a lot more presentable.

This is what the same space looks like now. The grass near the edging desperately needs to be trimmed, but the actual garden has 95% of  the weeds gone.  There is still a little bit to do, but at least I can buy vegetables this weekend, because there is now  place to plant them!  I am just happy to get it done today because the weather was pleasant.   The next two days, the temps are supposed to be in the 90s. Way to hot, to be working on weeding.  

Stay tuned, to see what it will look like when it is finally  finished!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dare to Share #9

After my busy week,  I am a bit tired.  I am in an excited mood though, because I just reconnected with someone I know from my childhood.  One thing I love about Facebook is you can connect with people you have seen or talked to in years.

Now on to the party..

I don't have a lot of rules for posting.  You may post anything that you would like to share. Some possibilities could be recipes, crafts,  parties, or practical tips

You can post as many links as you would like.

I would like that you to become a follower and post my button somewhere on your blog.   Let's get the word out there so more people can join in.

Link up and HAVE FUN!
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Where Have I Been?

Some of you might be wondering where I have been the last few days.  Remember last week when I mentioned how busy my week was on the Overfull Week post. Well this week has been even more hectic.  In fact the next few weeks will be a bit chaotic.

Take yesterday, for example.  I think it was the busiest day of the week. .  I got in and out of the car so many times, I felt like I was living in the car.

Here was my  schedule:

Drop off Kyle at school
Put Kara on the bus
Shower and check email
Drive Kristina to school
Run back home for quick lunch and finish sorting my coupons
Go to Dermatology appt for a treatment on a very stubborn planters wart. (I think this was the last visit..YEA)
Go to the grocery store for the first full shopping trip in almost 2 weeks
Rush home to  unload the groceries. Quickly put away freezer and refrigerator food in less than 10 minutes
Pick up 2 of the kids
Go back to house finish putting away some more food
Go to Kara's school for pick up so I can  take her  to her Physical Therapy appt, which is an hour long. Help with counting during her appointment, to keep her from cheating on her numbers.
Stop at the pet store to pick up crickets for the lizards, and a new hamster ball. Kara somehow managed to lose the lid
Arrive home at almost 6 p.m.
Do some home school with my high schooler, while making some dinner
Eat dinner
Do some more home school work, and then start making sure the other 2 are doing their homework. Tell them to do their homework at least 5 times.
Do two loads of laundry
Check facebook, and email.  Download a few pictures
Finally go to bed around 11:30 pm, totally exhausted, and countdown the days to summer break.

On Monday I assisted at the Girl Scout meeting to make blankets for the Chemotherapy center.  On Tuesday, Kara went to her first physical therapy session.   We were given a list of exercises that she is to do twice a day.   Yesterday she had her first full session.  We did not realize we needed to bring tennis shoes.. oops!  She did well and exercised more than she has in months.  She was able to do a little walking barefoot on the hurt foot at a very slow speed.

On Wednesday I had to take one of my other children to their appoint that is 45 minutes away.  We stopped at Quiznos and used our coupons.  This is a fantastic deal! We were told we could use the coupon on any sub.  Regular price is $8, so we saved $5 with each coupon.  I think you can still print the coupon if you are interested here.

Meijer is having a fantastic sale this week.  I would have done a shopping run down but just did not have the time.  I saved over $30 in coupons and free promotions.  This week you can get some  great deals on Chi Chis Salsa, Kraft dressing, Heinz ketchup and much, much more.  I will try and write down my best deals once I have a chance to look over the receipt.

I am looking forward to the weekend, but that too will be full of activity.  We really hope to get the garden weeded and planted.   We have to start cleaning the garage for the sub wide sale that is in early June (the last week of school, as if I didn't have enough to do that week)   My high-school student has just under 20 days to finish her school work.  While we are on pace in 2 classes, she is behind in two classes.
I also hope to post a Memorial Day project or two.

I can finally stop and take a breath on June 14.   Whew!!!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quiznos Coupon

If you have a hectic schedule like me, and there are some days when you just can't avoid eatting on the run.  Why not print this great Quiznos coupon. You get a small sub, chips and a regular fountain drink for only $2.99!  I print my fast food coupons and keep them in my car, so I always  have them with me,  when I need to stop for a quick bite.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Crafting with Kara- Blankets for Cancer

I know its been awhile since Kara has done a new installment of Crafting with Kara.  She has had a rough month.  

She has had an injured foor for the last month, and also had a bout of strep throat.  She is still in the boot for just a little while longer, but doesnt really need the crutches anymore.  

Today at Girl Scouts we worked on blankets for the U of M chemotherapy center.  We both felt that this was a great craft to feature.  They are simple to make, but yet do so much good.   When patients come in for treatment they are given a small fleece blanket.  Not only for warmth if it is needed, but for comfort.  These blankets are super soft and comforting to hold.    

We started with a piece of fleece that was 60 inches long and 22-24 inches wide.  We measured 5 inches from the end with the yardstick to mark how long to make the strips.  Using a rotary cutter very carefully cut 1" strips.   

She found a quiet corner and started to do the knotting.  Every two strips were knotted together on both ends of the fabric. 

She is holding up her completed fringed blanket.  

They had a special way to roll up the blankets for delivery.  

Whether you make blankets for charity, or to keep for your own.  This is a fun and easy craft for kids.  
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Party Prepping

Earlier this month, I mentioned that we have a theme for Kara's upcoming birthday party.  She is getting a hedgehog for her birthday, (which should be born today or tomorrow), and she wanted to incorporate her love for animals, so we are going with a woodland animal theme.

I have been finding inspiration in Target of all places.  We would love to make a cardboard tree.

We also might use some of these ideas from the garden aisle.

I have been quietly picking up supplies that I have been finding on clearance and at the Dollar Store. Some are just too good not to share.  Can you believe I found ceramic pots at the Dollar Store?!!  They are gorgeous and a great size.  I will be using them even if I don't use them for the party.

Other Dollar Store finds..

Hanging basket moss forms
red bowls..will use to serve food or for decorations of some sort
mini ceramic pots
green shot glasses
glass stones.. the colors reminded me of a river
metal animals
green clothes line

The green plastic planters were actually on sale at Target. I put them in this picture by mistake.  They were only $2 each.  I plan on using all of the planters again, so I will get double duty out of them.

Dollar Spot finds for 70% off.. Woohoo..  7- 2 pack rubber necklaces (making them 15 cents each for the goody bags)    2 green plastic boxes,    8 chalk board garden signs, and 5 frames.. All for .30 each!   The frames might b painted and used on the dessert table.

I also found these cute frog and ladybug knee pads. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but at .30 each, I could not wait until I decided.   In the plastic bag were cute summer cupcake picks also only .30.

One possible decoration made with a green plastic planter, moss basket and metal butterfly.

By watching for supplies at Target and the Dollar Store, this party will hopefully stay on budget!

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