Saturday, April 23, 2011

Multi-Color Easter Eggs



Our eggs are so colorful this year.  I LOVE how creative my kids were to get some really unique looking eggs..  

The rubberband technique makes cool looking stripe   Wrap rubber bands around the egg where you do not want color.

Dip in your favorite color
Let dry, and then remove the rubber bands.

This egg did something really unusal.  We got the stripes from rubberbands but when it dried there were also blue speckled splotches on the egg. 

I really think this egg is pretty.  My son dipped on half  in the yellow dye.  When that dried he dipped it into the green dye.  He liked the egg but thought it was missing something.   He then dipped half the egg lengthwise into the pink.   The end result was 4 color egg. 

My daughter came up with this tri color egg. First she dipped half the egg in the green dye.  Once dry she dipped it in the blue dye but left the center white.  When the blue was dry, she dipped her finger into the pink dye and then wiped it on the white stripe.

After coloring this egg bright pink she dipped  the ends into the blue/purple dye.   Once it blended with the pink, it turned bright purple. 

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  1. I like the ideas of the rubber bands. Great idea!


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