Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flower Pot Favors

I made flower pot favors for the Garden Themed party that we are having for Operation Birthday.   I first had the idea when I found 3 pk mini flower pots at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago. 

Each flower pot is 2-3 inches high and about 2 inches wide. 

I painted the flowers freehand, but you could lightly draw a flower on the pot before painting if desired.   I first painted the bottom color of each flower in either pink, yellow or purple.  I started with one petal and worked my way around until I had a flower that looked like..  

I liked the look of the extra paint because it gave the flowers texture. 

I didnt realized until I downloaded my pics that I used different colors as examples.  I worked on painting a little bit at a time over 2 days.    After the base flower was dry,  I added a smaller flower in a cooridinating color.     

When that layer was dry,  I painted then center and a few small lines. 

The next step is to use green tissue paper to make the grass.   I found green tissue paper on clearance at Target but they also have it at the dollar store for only $1 a package.  I used a bowl that was about 6 inches across and traced around it  for my circle. 

Make small snips all around the circle. 
Place the circle inside the pot and arrange it so it mimics the look of grass growing out of the pot. 

Add your favorite candy.   I do not have the candy on hand that we plan on using so I had to "borrow" some from one of my kids recent Awana carnival bags..   

Each flower pot favor cost less than .50 each to make. 

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  1. thanks for linking up today! sorry about the party interruption I promise we'll be back up by next friday .)


  2. cute simple idea- I would love it if you share it for Workshop Wednesday!

  3. what a great idea and not to hard to go

  4. Thanks for linking to Workshop Wednesday! Can't wait to see what you are up to this week!


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