Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Party Deals

While running a few errands today,  we found some really good deals that were worthy of posting. 

I went to the Dollar Tree to get a few extra newspapers for the great coupon inserts this week.  While there I found a few other party worthy items. 

I love this candy duck we found in the Easter aisle.  It looks just like a rubber ducky but is ediable.  These would be great for an uncoming baby shower or farm party.   If you want them though, you will need them this week since it is in the Easter section.

I wanted to get a some more square containers I used to make my buuny treat boxes.   I did not find any more square boxes, but I did find some round ones..  I am sure I will be able to come up with some ideas for the round boxes. 

I also found some parasol picks.   My youngest daughter might have a party with a Japanese theme and I also found a very interesting  lamp  on Dollar Store Crafts.

I went to JoAnns because I had a 50% off coupon.   I have been wanting to buy ediable markers for awhile and it will be hard to find them lower than half off.  While there I saw they had a few othr Wilton items on sale.  They had several cake and cupcake stands orginally $10.99, on clearance for only $2.97.   I picked up a couple of the primary color  stands.  They also had princess, and a striped version also on clearance.

We then went to Michaels to use a 50% off coupon there too.   I bought the neon color ediable markers and found a Wilton Sprinkle set on clearance 50% off for $1.97 

All together I was able to save $18.03 in clearance and $ 9 in coupons on party items.   

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