Saturday, April 30, 2011


After 2 full days of cupcake making, party prep and a fun day long party, I am pretty tired.. 

On Friday I made 4 dozen chocolate cupcakes because my son needed 3 dozen for his class.    This  picture was taken before frosting them. 

I ran 3 dozen cupcakes to school only for him to tell me that 6th graders don't want to be seen with their mom at lunch.  It was fine in 5th grade but he is older now.. waaaaaaah!    I reminded him several times to bring back mom's cupcake pans only for him to forget them at school.  

Last night while at Rs house to decorate we made some more cupcakes but could not decorate them because she did not have food coloring and she is not near enough to a store to make a store run worth while.    I decorated these when I got to her house this afternoon. 

This morning I made 3 dozen mini cupcakes.  I was planning on using my cake pop maker but we somehow manage to short it out last night.   When plugging it in, I saw a spark.  I think that might have something to do with the short.  When I tried to make some cake pops at her house last night, the bottom half worked but not the half.    The mini cupcakes were simple to make and tasted just like the cake pops. 

We also decorated as much as we could Friday night. Good thing because there would not have been time to today before the party.     I will show more pictures in a detailed post on Sunday.  Operation Birthday was a big success!  

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