Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nature Party Ideas for the Classroom

A friend of mine recently asked  me if I had any nature party ideas that should could use for an end of the year party in her daughters classoom..   I have been so busy the last few weeks, I just realized that I still needed to come up with some for her.    When I think of nature,  I think of plants and animals.    What is nice about nature is that there are just so many ways you can bring nature into your party. 

These bird nests will probably take too long for a class party,  but I love how realistic the brown looks.  I know that a kindergarten class at out school made these so all ages could make them.    You can find the directions  at

This bird nest is even quicker and easier to make. It can be found on

If you dont not want to make a fake birdnest, how about something that helps the real  birds  in nature.

You can make homemade birdseed treats.   I did not find a direct link but I know instructions are on the internet. 

If you would like to help real birds make their nests, maybe try and make a nest bag from

I found this compost cake on  and thtough it could be fun depending on how you go with your theme. 

How about these bug cupcakes from

If you would like to play a themed Bingo game, you can print your own game cards  at dtkl-cards Some of the themes that are a available are flowers, spring and earth day. 

Another game could be some sort of fishing game where you have a pole with a string and try to catch a fish, or a treat etc..

If you would like to play a pin the tail type of game, you can do variations like  pin the wing on the bug, pin the apple on the tree, pin the flower on the stem etc. 

Some snack ideas that would be good in the classroom, would be food made from nature like carrots,  strawberries, grapes, and apples. 

What is nice about doing a nature party is there are so many things in nature that you can chose from and so many different ways you can go with a theme.  You could make your party  all about bugs,  all about growing seeds,  all about being green or  many, many more.

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