Saturday, April 2, 2011

Operation Birthday

I am so excited that today I am going shopping for Operation Birthday.    The stores I plan on hitting day are The Dollar Tree, JoAnn Fabric, Michaels, the Thrift store and possibly Walmart.   I do not  normally shop at the regular party stores for all of my supplies anymore because you spent 2 to 3x more on the most of the same supplies.   I might stop in at Party City  to see if they have something that I can not find cheaper at the other stores. 

My daughter and I are also in the middle of two projects and realized we were missing a few things.  I am so proud of my almost 10 yr old daugther.  She thought of her own chick design and she is making it herself!  I love her idea and it is going to be very cute when it is finished.  We need to get some yellow feathers and orange felt before it will be finished.

Today is going to be a creative day and I literally have butterflies in my stomach thinking about it..  LOL~

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