Thursday, April 14, 2011

Target Clearance and Easter Deals

I went back to Target today to get a few things for my kids for Easter and check the clearance again. Boy am I glad that I went.  I found several more really good deals.  

My daughter fell in love with the bunny in the back when she was with me last night.  It was the only one left like that and she tried her best to talk me into buying him.  I told her that maybe she should bury him under the other stuffed animals,  and we might be able to come back and get him later.   This morning when I went back, he was still there..Whew!   He is the only thing I bought at regular price for $9.99 

Movies that are normally $5 are on sale for $3.99.   I bought a Sonic movie for  my obsessed with Sonic daughter and Space Chimps for my son. 

I found two other great deals with games..

Indiana Jones Lego Computer DVD was 75% off!   My son loves his Lego games.   Regular price is $19.99, I found it for only $4.98

Wii Party Games was regular price $14.99, today it was 50% off at $7.48

When I went back to the clearance area I was met with a nice surprise.  Someone had organized the entire shelf since I had been there the night before so now everything was easy to find.    

I picked up 4 more Glade Tough Odor (I have 3 kids, 3 cats, and 3 lizards,  enough said..  LOL!)  They were $2.98, on clearance for $1.44.   I used two $2 off 2 Glade Tough Odor coupons, final price .44 each

2 Air Wick double pack refills with FREE warmer were $4.99, on clearance for $2.48.  I used two $1 off coupons,  final price $1.48 each.

Renuzit 9 oz bag of odor crystals were $2.99 on clearance for $1.48.  Since this was the 9 oz size, I had to use the .50 off coupon and not the $3 coupon.  Final price . 98

Listerine Agent Cool Blue was $3.99 on clearance for $1.98.  I used a $1 coupon, final price .98

2 boxes of  antibotic Band Aids were $3.19 on  clearance for $1.58.  I used two .50 coupons, final price $1.08

Bic 4 pk disposable razors  were $5.99 on clearance for $3.77.  I used a $2 off man. coupon, final price $1.77.

I did get a Colgate Advanced even though it was not a sale because I had a really good coupon about to expire.  It was $3.24.    I used a $1.50 man. coupon and the $1 Target coupon, final price.  .74

Overall this was a GREAT trip.  While I did not get anything for FREE,  I saved $42.24 in clearance prices  and  an additional $13 in coupons.    I spent only $43.41 for what would have cost  very close to $100 full price.

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