Saturday, April 9, 2011

Children's Luau Party

Disclosure: I love Oriental Trading a lot and have used their products for years, so I recently became an affiliate. The links in this posts are to items I have actually bought and used. 

My daughter has actually had two luaus over the years.  When she was two, she was obsessed with Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Since Stitch was from Hawaii, a luau seemed like the perfect party theme.   When she was 5 she wanted to have one again, but this time she got to bring out her favorite giant monkey.   I am going to share pictures from both of our parties.

For decor, I know I bought most of what I used  through Oriental Trading.   They have a good selection of Luau  goodies at reasonable prices.  I also know that the Dollar Tree carries quite a bit in the spring/summer months.  Since it is a seasonal item at The Dollar Tree, I would check after EasterIn this picture you can see the Hibiscus Paper Lanterns

Family Fun has a tutorial on how to make giant  tissue paper flowers if  you prefer to make them at home.  I made them for one of our parties.  They were pretty easy to make, and you can use your own  party colors.   You can see the tutorial on how to make them  here

I made a sun pinata for our Lilo and Stitch luau.  Family Fun still has that tutorial on its site all these years later.  You can see how here.  If you would prefer not to make it, there is a really cute one at Oriental Trading here.

What is a 5 yr olds birthday  party without a little drama.   I don't remember why my daughter was sitting under the table, but I posted this picture to show you the craft she was making.  I bought a flower craft kit from Oriental Trading.  They were  foam flower necklaces.  I know Michaels carries a big line of craft foam stickers and flowers which can be bought with one of their 40% off coupons.

You could also make cereal jewelry like we did at our Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Party.  For this craft I just bought a box of  fruit Os, and a bag of pipe cleaners from the dollar store. 

At our earlier luau, we made a rainbow/sun craft.

Games were fun and simple.  We played limbo with a pool noodle

They played pass the coconut in colorful hula skirts and leis

Here the kids are playing with our inflatable flamingo ring toss game
I made a homemade version of this craft for our western/horse party.  I cut a shape out of foam board attached it to a stake, and then we threw a lasso made from a hula hoop and rope.   For a luau, you could make a pineapple shape, and use dollar store hula hoops.

In this picture you can see the colorful flower garland decorating the canopy we had set up to protect the kids from the sun.

At both parties, we had hula lessons.  I found a CD with basic lessons in it, but I am sure steps can be found on the internet. 

I also looked up the names of the girls on a word translator, and shared with them their Hawaiian names.  They thought this was really cool.

At each party, I have all the party guests post with an item from the theme.  At the first luau, the children posed with Stitch,  and the second giant monkey.  

For both parties,  I used a Wilton Flower Cake Pan and made a giant flower cake.  

I do not have pictures of the food. (this was before I knew I would have a party themed blog..:))  I served age appropriate foods at each party.   At the 2 yr old party we served juice boxes, and simple food.  At the 5 yr old party we had fruit skewers, potato chips, smoothies. 

One idea that is a perfect party food, is a mini ice cream sandwich

One thing great about summer birthdays is it is warm enough to get wet.  We pulled out the giant slip and slide and went belly surfing!   Whatever you decide to do,  luaus can be a lot of fun.

Here are some more Luau Party items you might like for your party. 

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