Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding and other things..

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?    I did by accident.  LOL!   I had left the TV on in case I woke up during the night.   I woke up just as Will and Kate were being pronounce husband and wife.  Perfect timing!  I saw the kiss while getting my daughter ready for school.   I saw recaps of all the other things, so I feel like I didnt miss a thing.  

Today is my son's 12th birthday and my friends big milestone birthday.   As you can imagine the last minute to do list for the day  is long.   

I am making and delivering 3 dozen cupcakes to my sons school before 1 pm.
I am finishing the flower pot favors
I am making the cupcake stand
I am packing all of my supplies/decorations  to take to her house tonight
I will be wrapping my son's presents that he has already asked me if he could open. 

Later tonight
we will be decorating and setting up
we will be making more cupcakes and cake pops
we will be doing other food prep so there is not a lot to do tomorrow.

I might not post much in the next 48 hrs but I will be sharing lots of pics of Operation Birthday Weekend soon!

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