Friday, April 8, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Fiesta

I know everyone is busy with preparing for a late Easter this year, but Cinco de Mayo will literally be just a few days later.   Cinco de Mayo is very significant in Mexican history, and worthy of a celebration.  May 5th is the day that the Mexican army who were greatly outnumbered, defeated the French who were invading their country. 

If you enjoy celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but do not have a lot of time to plan or shop, you might enjoy a  party supply website I just heard about called Party Swizzle.  They have many theme party decorating ideas, and sell decorating packs with all the decor you need for your party.   You can enjoy stress free shopping at home with the added benefit of free shipping. 

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, some might be thinking of how they can celebrate the day. 
Decorate with bring colors associated with Mexico such as red, green, yellow, orange and blue.    Some other Cinco de Mayo party ideas  that are so much fun  is to use Mexican  icons such as chili peppers, cacti, sombreros, Mexican flags, and even cutouts of the sun.

My favorite part of Cinco de Mayo is the FOOD.   If you want to keep it simple and easy, set up a buffet where guest can serve themselves on Mexican goodies such nachos, salsa, fajiatas, quesadillas and even a taco bar.   I am getting hungry just thinking about it.    You can serve fun grown up drinks like Margarittas and Dacquiris, but also lemonade for the non drinkers and kids.   Playing Mexican music in the background with its upbeat sound will keep the party lively.    You can find even more Mexican Party Ideas  on the Party Swizzle website. 

Thinking about all these ideas, is making me very hungry.  I am really looking foward to Cinco de Mayo now.

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