Saturday, April 2, 2011

Operation Birthday- Shopping

Woohoo that was exciting..  I LOVE shopping for parties.   I have almost all I need except for a few last minute things that I could not find at the dollar or craft  store.  Check out what I found. 

This is what I found at the thrift store. All of this was only $8 total and not from the party budget.  I plan to clean up the multi level candle holder and spray paint it. It would be perfect to display many things.  I LOVED the bright pink vase in the middle. It is  one of my favorite colors.   I plan on using the lighter pink vase for a special surprise.     I also picked up a Halloween idea/cookbook for only .99.   I am always on the look out for idea books.  

After picking up my daughter, we stopped at Kohls..  After searching for a few minutes, I found the cake ball maker..  Thanks again Nicole!!   With my 30% coupon, it was only $13.99.  (reg $29.99)The cupcake book was one of their $5 book specials.  It had some really cute ideas, and the money goes toward Kohls charities. 

I found all of these items at the dollar store.  
I am  using the 3 charger plate and 2 candlesticks as a cupcake stand.  I will possibly paint the candlesticks to match the color scheme.  I found 3 colorful basket bins. (pink, green and purple) I am thinking about serving drinks or something else in them.  I found a garden themed flag that matched the color scheme.  I found yellow plates, flower napkins and a few flower serving plates.  The coffee filters are for something we have in mind for serving cut veggies.  I hope to use the chicks as an accent since she is still a "spring chick."  I am using pink, yellow and purple streamers to try the weaving affect that I saw on the Nate Show.   The ribbon and paper lanterns will be part of the garden decor.  

I also bought all of this at the dollar store except for the styrofoam ball, dowel rods and paint.   
I am making flower topiary centerpieces with the flower pots, stryofoam, dowels, flowers and moss.  The mini pots are going to be used for favors. I plan on painting on flowers on them and serving some sort of mint or candy in them.  Whatever flowers that are not used in the topiary will be used in the decor.  

Now in the next few weeks,  I will be working on my projects.  Stay tuned!  

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