Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to make a cupcake stand

cupcake stand supplies

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To make a cupcake stand you will just need 3 platters or plates, 2 candlesticks and some gorilla glue .    I bought the silver platters and candlesticks at the dollar store.  If you do not have a dollar store nearby, I Iinked similar items from Amazon. 

Outline the bottom of one candlestick with the gorilla glue.  

Center in the middle of one of the platters, and let it sit for a few minutes.  

Outline the top of the candlestick with more gorilla glue and then center a 2nd platter on top.  Let it sit awhile again so the glue with start to set. 

Repeat the steps above to add the top layer. 

Here is the finished stand full of cupcakes.  It was able to hold 18 full size cupcakes.    What is nice about making your own stand, is you can customize it to fit the theme and style of your party depending on what plates and candlesticks you decide to use.

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