Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Witch Pumpkin

How to make a witch pumpkin

I just finished my last themed pumpkin for this year.  I have a few more ideas, but I am saving them for next years line. =)    My witch pumpkin needed a few extras that the other pumpkins did not.  I already had clay on hand to make the nose.  I used a 1/4 of a Scultpy block, which is about $1.99 regular price at the craft store.  (I always buy mine on sale for about $1.)  I picked up the purple boa at the dollar store.  I used black felt to make the hat.   If you have black felt, a piece for about .29 should be just fine.

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I started by painting the pumpkin a medium color green, and once dried glued on the dollar store google eyes. 

I formed the nose out of the Sculpty clay. I had a hard time finding a shape that I really like and changed my mine a few times.  You can bake the nose to set it, following the package directions, but I did not.  You can use glue or toothpicks to attach the nose to the pumpkin. If you are baking it though, you will not be able to add the toothpicks once it hardens.  I just formed mine to the pumpkin and it stuck.  I am not sure if it will stay that way. So far, so good though.   Once I was relatively happy with the nose, I painted it the same color green as the rest of the pumpkin. 

I used straight pins to hold the boa in place on the pumpkin.  I did not glue it on because glue and feathers make a huge mess.  I also was not sure if I wanted to make the hair permanent because I might change it later on.  

To make the hat, I cut two felt circles about 3 inches across. One will be used for the base, the other for the cone. 

To make the cone, I cut a slit in one of the circles from the edge to the center. 

I started folding over the circle. One fold was not enough though, it would make the cone too wide. 

I folded it over again and got the shape I wanted.  Using a needle and thread, I stitched up the folded edge.

I then stitched the cone to the base of the hat. 

To attach the hat to the witch,  I pushed toothpicks into the cone portion of the hat. 

I attached the hat, but pushing the toothpicks into the pumpkin.  I then painted on a half smile and tooth. 

Here is the entire gang!

Update: The Dollar Tree craft foam pumpkins are now available online at DollarTree.com.  They are available in orange and white and in smaller quantities. 


  1. You sure are creative with the pumpkins!

  2. This is amazingly cute..love it..so creative :)) I found ya on Made by you Mon and officially following ya with smile :)) Great blog you have here..
    Ps: I would love to invite you to join over 50 bloggers plus go PINK FOR CURE on Oct 30th..Painting the blog world pink a day and spreading the word on awarness, hope and faith for Breast Cancer..Would love for you to stop in and have a look..Hope u can join in :)) TY * http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com/2011/10/paint-your-blog-pink-awareness-faith.html

  3. The purple feather whig is just awesome! I hope you entered at least one pumpkin contest :).

  4. Featuring your gang of pumpkins at Bacon Time on Thurs. :)

  5. Love this.. and the witch nose was genius! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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