Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Make a Fox Costume.. Part 2

Today we started making the pants.  I did not have a pattern to go by, so I used a pair of Kara's pants as a general guide and then cut a few inches on each side.  This worked, but not perfectly.  The legs were a little on the tight side, and I made the waist way too big. 

I started by stittching the center seam on the front band back pieces.  Once I did that,  I placed the fur sides together then stitched up the inseams and outer seams.

I then had Kara try them one.  The legs looked pretty good  but..  

the waist is HUGE!! I am in the process of making a casing so I can sew in a piece of elastic. 

I had her try on both pieces together, and we are about halfway there.. I still need to add the white fur bellly,make a tail, and  attach  some ears to a headband. .  I need to add the elastic to the waist and trim the bottom of the legs. 
I was hoping to have it done by Saturday afternoon (Oct 22)  so she could wear it to the neighboring towns festival.  I am not sure if that will happen but it looks like I will be done by Halloween.. 

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