Friday, October 7, 2011

Tinkerbell Halloween Ideas

Kara has been Tinkerbell twice for Halloween.. Once when she a 3 month old, I dressed her in a green body suit, tutu and tulle wings.   When she was 3 she chose to be Tinkerbell herself we she saw the Disney store verion. She wore her wings for months.  Now that she is older and no longer into the Disney fairies and princesses, she probably won't be Tinkerball again.   I can't help but think of her preschool years when I see anything Tinkerbell. 

She would have adored making a Tinkerbell ghost when she was younger.  If you have a child who would still liketo make one,  you can find out how here, at

How cute are these Tinkerbell shoe cupcakes.  I found these on as well.

When you do a search for Tinkerbell costumes, hundreds of sites come up.  I found a really cute homemake Tinkerbell costume on  If you are looking for how to videos,  there are many YouTube videos showing how to make the cosutmes, do the hair and make up, and even the shoes. 

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