Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, Busy Sunday

Today I am being a bit domesticated. 

Kara and I went to the fabric store and bought the faux fur to make her fox costume.  I also bought white tulle to make a special costume for myself.    Now hopefully I will be able to get her costume done in 2 weeks. I am winging on the pattern, because once again one of my children asked to be something where  there is no pattern available. 

After listening to 3 days of begging from my son and a quick run to pick up some baking soda, I made a loaf of my families favorite banana bread. 

The avacados I bought the other day at the store were ripe, so I had to make some guacalmole.  I used a powder mix, but making an easy guac is still being domesticated..

I currently have a tray of cinnamon apple slices in the oven.   Now to figure out what we are going to eat for dinner.. At least I know my kids will be eatting their fruit today.  

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