Monday, October 10, 2011

Homemade Halloween

Its that time of year again..  Time for my kids to come up with another crazy costume they want me to make for them.   My son last year was a flying chameleon.   I have never seen a flying chameleon before, but this one won grand prize in our neighborhood costume contest.   When the announced the winner they announced "the boy in the flying reptile dragon thing."  

My daughter decided to be her favorite cartoon character, Cream from the Sonic series. 

The year before that Kara wanted to be a hatching chicken, and  Kyle a dinosaur.   I had to sew the dinosaur head on Kyle, because it kept falling off..  LOL 

 2008 was the infamous Domo costume.   That year Target had Domo as there Halloween theme, but there were no Domo costumes available anywhere.  We made the square from PVC pipe, and she started out the night looking like this. 

After about an hour of realizing her costume was top heavy, and that she couldnt see....
she ended up like this..  Ahhh,, much better,,    

That year, Kyle wanted to be a praying mantis.. (are you noticing a trend here?)

In 2006, he wanted to be a fly.  Why he wanted to be a fly, I have no idea.  I will say he was the only fly I saw that night! 

We are a bit behind in costume making this year.   Kara wants to be fox (yes the animal lover, wants to an animal again) and Kyle wanted to be an alien.  I have to admit that I was a bit relieved when he told me yesterday that he had changed his mind.   Now he wants to have a store bought Vampire costume instead of being an alien..  While the costume designer in me is disappointed not to make an alien costume, the mom in me with only 3 weeks to go is pretty  happy.  I still might try and make the Vampire costume instead of buying it though! 

What are your kids going to be? 

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