Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lots of Strawberry Recipes

Recently while at Aldi getting groceries, they had these amazing massive strawberries on sale. I bought a few containers because they looked so good, and I knew I could freeze some for later.  These berries inspired me to post and  my past strawberry recipes.  It looks like I have some baking to do in the very near future.  

easy strawberry pie, quick desserts

Homemade Strawberry Topping

Happy Baking!! 
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Dare to Share #414

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!

Well this week was a little less eventful than last week.  It was not looking like it at first because our state's unemployment office disabled their chat feature, and was only taking new cases on the phone this week. There is a way you can send a message, but that was temporarily disable as well. I had a feeling I should check it late at night on Wednesday.  I was very happy to see it was back online, so I was able to send a message. I am praying that the right person sees it, and my account will soon be fixed. Today I was able to get out to the Dollar Tree and Aldi.  I was very excited to see my local store now has upgraded their craft area, and had a bunch of new things in.  I found so many cute things, and have some new posts in the works because of it.  At Aldi, I was able to see the couple that helped me when my battery died last week.  I was able to thank them again in person and update them about the new battery.  The past few days I have been happy because it is NFL draft weekend and my OSU players went #1, #2, and #3. Yes, I know technically Joe Burrows is from LSU now, but he actually has his undergrad from Ohio State.  He transferred to LSU as a graduate student because he was red shirted as a freshman and was still eligible to play.  This is the first time in history that three teammates have gone top 3. 

This week I posted a few posts that you might want to check out.   

 Well it looks like it is that time, so I better get the party started..  

Link up and Have Fun! 

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Air Fryer Stuffed Potato Skins

potato skin recipe, appetizer recipes,

I recently bought an air fryer from Kohls that was on sale with a 30% coupon.  It was normally $119.99 on sale for $59.99.  After the 30% coupon and free shipping  code, I only paid about $37 with tax.  I had been thinking of getting one for awhile, so at the price it was too good to pass up.  

Today while looking for something to make for dinner, I saw a bag of baking potatoes that we needed to use.  We also had cheese and bacon so I thought why not make some stuffed potato skins. I was a little nervous using the fryer for the first time but once I realized how easy it is, I was hooked.

I started with 6 washed medium potatoes, which would make 12 potato skins.  I baked them in the microwave, but you can bake them any way your prefer. 

I cut them in half lengthwise and scooped out the potato flesh. They were not the prettiest, but since I was not serving it for something special it did not have to look perfect. 

I split the potatoes into two batches. I placed each batch in the fryer for about 3-4 minutes at 390 degrees to crisp the skin just a bit before filling them.  

For the filling I used the scooped out potatoes, 6 pieces of bacon cut into pieces, and a large handful of cheese. I never measure cheese, I just put in what looks good to me. (our family loves cheese)  I also sprinkled on a little bit of salt and pepper.  What is great about a recipe like this is you can customize it and  add whatever ingredients you want it to the filling. 

I cooked the batches of stuffed potatoes for about 5 minutes each. I sprinkled on a little more cheese on top, and then turned the fryer on for one more minute to melt it. 

There was a little bit of filling leftover, it is going to be added to some eggs in the morning.  

There was a bag of BBQ chicken wings in the freezer, which made for an excellent companion to the stuffed potato skins.  This was such and easy and delicious meal to make, that I will definitely be making it again.  
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dollar Tree Make Up Finds

You may be wondering why there is a picture of a lot of make up at the top of this post.  There is one thing that everything on that tray has in common.  It all comes from the Dollar Tree! Being a substitute teacher, I have not always had a lot of extra money in my budget. One of my weaknesses is make up.  I love it and  I love to buy it, just not the expensive prices.  It is fun to get new items and try them out.  I also LOVE the Dollar Tree.  Seriously, it is one  of my favorite stores to go too.  Every time you go you find new things.  The quality of the products in the store have really  improved over the years.  I get so many great products (including brand name!) at the Dollar Tree, and I thought why not share about some of  my amazing deals/finds.  You might be surprised on how much you can save.  

First up, eye makeup. When I go out, I always have something on my eyes. If I don't do my eye shadow, I use at least apply a little bit of liner and mascara. Almost all of the eye products I bought at the Dollar Tree are name brand.  I did some research (Google is my friend) and here are what the prices are if bought in another store or website.  I am not sharing Ebay prices because I know they are marked way up. 

Hard Candy  top ten trendsetters collection in Aphrodisiac 4.88 (Walmart) 

Wet N Wild Color Icon eye shadow trio Don't Steal My Thunder 3.99 (Ulta) 

Wet N Wild eye shadow trio I'm Getting Sunburned 3.99 (Ulta) 

Wet N Wild Megawear Mascara 4.99 (Walmart)

E.L.F Golden Goddess eye shadow palette 3.00 (Target, Walmart etc) 

E.L.F brow clear wax pencil 2.00 (Target, Walmart etc..) 

LA Colors Eye Marker 2.50 (Dollar General) 

LA Colors Auto Eyeliner 2.00 (LA Colors website) 

LA Colors Brow Gel  Similar products 3.00

Leopard Brow brush/comb 1.00

Pink silicone brush cleaner 1.00

Brush cleaner tin 1.00  

Unicorn eye shadow brush 2.50 (4 pk at Target 9.99)

Make up bag - rainbow and leopard 1.00

Total value  36.85    Total Spent 14.00

Here are some of the great products I found for my face 

Hard Candy Just Glow Blush/Bronzer Duo 7.99 (Walmart)

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Highlighter 3.50 (Walmart) 

Swisspers Silicone Blender 5.48 (Amazon) 

Colormates Blush 3.88 (Walmart) 

Jade Facial Roller Lg  similar one at Walgreens 9.99

Jade Facial Roller SM  similar one at Target 9.99 

LA Colors conceal/correct in green 2.58 (NYX similar product Amazon) 

LA Colors Body Shimmer 2.50 (Dollar General) 

E.L.F concealer highlighter 4.00 (Target)

Leopard Print Blush Brush 1.00

Cat Makeup Bag 1.00

Total value 51.91   Total Spent 11.00

I love to do my nails, but do not pay for manicures.  I either do them myself or have my teenage daughter do them for me.  I actually have many more nail colors from the Dollar Tree but these are the most recent.   I also recently tried lip oil when they had a special one for Valentines Day.  When I found more in different flavors I bough several more. Also pictured a lip scrub, lip balm and lip butter

LA Colors Color Craze nail polish  2.00 each (LA Colors 
Upper left 134 Innocence (beige) 
506 Mint (green) and 133 Lucky in Love (mauve)

Right 54 Sheer Magic (purple) and 617 Gloomy (blue)

Colormates Lip Oils in Mint, and Pomegranate 

LA Colors Lip Oils 2 in Strawberry, and 1 in Mint.  

Similar product on LA Colors website 3.50 each 

LA Colors Lip Scrub Mint  1.00 
LA Colors Lip Balm Pineapple  1.00

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter 6.00 (The Body Shop Website) 

I'm a Mermaid Fairy Princess Make up Bag 1.00

Total Value 36.50  Total Spent 14.00

I realized that I did not have the black bag on the first picture in a break down pic, and a different bag in the nail pic.  I am not going to add anything new to the total for that.   I also forgot to add the silicone mask applicator brush in a break down pic.   Similar mask brushes are 6.00 on sites such as Walmart and Elf.   

Now it is time for the final totals.. 

Total Value 131.26  (without tax!)   Total Spent 39.00  Total Difference 92.26

That is almost an entire $100 difference.  Whoa, even I did not realize there was that big of a price difference, and I used the lowest value totals.   The main reason why the Dollar Tree gets such a big selection of name brands is because companies may change packaging, or come out with new colors each season. Instead of selling the older lines with the new ones, they send them  to places like the Dollar Tree.   It's a win for make up lovers like me who really do not care about the packaging.  

I have a lot more I had planned on adding to this post, but it is just getting too long so I am breaking it up into a few posts.    Here is what you can look forward to in the coming week

Dollar Tree Spa Night Items

Bath and Shower items (spa night) 

Face and Skin products (spa night) 

 Hair Products (Spa Night)

Brand New Finds and a Review 
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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dare to Share #413

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!

So this week was a bit more frustrating than most. I had to go run a few errands on Wednesday.  When I started the car I noticed that it sounded funny when I started it.  At first it seemed slow, but then by the time I got to Meijer it was running okay but I noticed that my clock and odometer were no longer light up.  When I left the store, and started it again, it started funny again. I had one more quick stop that I had to make so I stopped at Walgreens.  I was in there about 20 minutes.  When I went out and tried to start my car, nothing happened.  It would not even turn over. I was pretty sure it was the battery.  I made a couple of phone calls and found out if I could get the battery jumped and to the local auto parts store they would test my battery for me.  A few minutes later, I saw a woman coming out of Walgreens wearing an Aldi T shirt (my favorite grocery store)  I asked her if she could help me.  She called her boyfriend who lived just down the road.  When he got there to my surprise he was one of my favorite Aldi cashiers.  He hooked up my car and noticed that my battery still had some power but the cable gave it enough juice to get it started.  Once at the auto store, I found out my battery did have power, but not full power. It was starting to go out and quickly. It was due to be replaced but it was an unexpected expense this week. They store put in the new one and recycled the old one for me.. Also the last few days I have been trying to get through to the unemployment office since schools are closed, so have thousands of other people. I was on hold for hours today and did not get through.  I will need to keep trying until I do. Hopefully my issue will be quickly resolved.  So how is your week been going?  I hope it is less eventful than mine was. 

It is time to get this party started.  Link up and HAVE FUN! (well as much fun as you can have in quarantine!) 

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Dare to Share #412

It is Saturday, and  you know what that means, 
It's time to Dare to Share!

Oh wow, I just realized 24 hours late that I forgot to post the party.  I created the code but then I got distracted.  I blame the Tiger King.  I was asked to do a Netflix party to watch a few episodes.  After it was over I was Face Timing, and forgot to post the party.. Ooops! Today I was busy doing Easter prep with my daughter.  Have your watched the Tiger King?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments.  

I also want to wish all of you a HAPPY EASTER! 

It is time to get this party started. Link up have Have Fun! 

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Quarantine Cardboard Tube Crafts

As we are all stuck at home sheltering in place to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus, we probably have a lot of cardboard tubes on hand that we can use in crafts. Here is a list of some of my favorite cardboard tube crafts. Now that Spring and Easter are here, how about these baby Spring animals . You could use them to play with, or fill with bags of candy or treats. 

Leprechaun Treat Boxes made with cardboard tubes

I know we just had St. Patrick's Day, but these Leprechaun Treat Boxes were a lot of fun. 

Turkey Napkin Rings made from paper towel tubes

I used a paper towel tube to make a set of Turkey Napkin Rings one Thanksgiving.  While Thanksgiving is still pretty far off, that basic idea could be used to make bunnies or spring chicks for Easter. 

This was one of my favorite cardboard tube crafts to make a few years back.  I have always loved the Despicable Me movies, so I shared how to make Despicable Me Minions.

DIY ornaments, snow owls, woodland ornaments

This Snow Owl Ornament is probably my most famous craft.  Back in 2015 it went viral and was featured on many popular blogs, pages and websites.  I still hang them on my Christmas tree every year. 

Hanging Rainbow Flower made from cardboard tubes

My daughter used several tubes to make this Rainbow Flower. It was made for a school upcycle project and sold in a special fundraiser auction. It loved how big and colorful it was.  I think it is about time to make another one.  

flower crafts

I don't have a tutorial for this flower garland that I made for a friends birthday party several years ago. Each flower was made with a painted tube that was cute in 5 pieces and glued in the shape of a flower.  I am thinking about making another one to add some color around here.  

Cardboard Tube Crafts, Cardboard Tube Flowers

Here is one more spin on cardboard tube flowers .  She painted and cut the tubes to make a bouquet to put in a pretty vase. If you are unable to go out and get real flowers, these make a nice long lasting substitute.  

We are currently working on some ideas for new cardboard tube crafts, so stay tuned... 

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Dare to Share #411

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Are you doing okay?   I find myself saying that a lot lately. I don't know about you, but I am talking and connecting to people a lot more being home than I did when things were normal. Between Facetime, Zoom, texting, phone calls etc, I am talking to at least 5 to 6 people a day. There are days when I feel peopled out.  We did finally get  my daughter's test results. On day 12 she called to see if they knew the results yet.  They looked it up and said she was negative.  I do believe though that we did have it. I have had all the symptoms for a couple of weeks.  We are both feeling much better now, but do occasionally still feel a little short of breath.  I have been keeping busy working on things around the house.  School was officially cancelled the rest of the school year this week. Thankfully I qualify for unemployment until things get back to normal again.  I have been inspired to blog again, and have many new posts planned. I have been sharing pictures of my recipes and things I am doing sheltering in place on Instagram.  You will hopefully be seeing more of me soon.  

Here is a recent post, a round up of kid crafts by a kid.  Crafting with Kara is back! 

Since it that time, lets get the party started!  Link up and HAVE FUN!! 

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