Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Quick and Easy Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms


This time of the year with all the holiday parties and get togethers, you may be looking for a recipe for a quick and easy appetizer.  These air fryer stuffed mushrooms are one of our favorites any time of the year.  They take only minutes to make, and taste so good they will disappear quickly.  

You only need a handful of ingredients to make them. For about 12 to 18 mushrooms you will need a half  a brick of cream cheese, some shredded cheese, and a half bag of bacon bits.   

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. I sometimes add a little bit of the mushroom stems, but it is completely optional.  

I generously stuff the mushrooms, and then place them in the air fryer.   

The air fryer we are currently using the Gourmia Dual Basket Air Fryer. We got it for Christmas last year. It has 7 different functions, and you can cook different items in each basket at the the same time. We love it, and use it all the time. 

I cooked the mushrooms in one of the baskets, and air fryed them for 9 to 10 minutes at 360 degrees.  Not all air fryers cook the same, so once the time gets to be about 9 minutes, I check to see if they are finished. 

They are cheesy and warm, and delicious! Enjoy! 

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Friday, November 24, 2023

It's time to Dare to Share!

It's Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 

Are you having a good holiday weekend?  We have been so far.  Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving day with D's family. It was a big birthday for D's mom. We had a ton of food, played games, watched football, and had lots of fun.  

Even though Thanksgiving is over, we are really looking forward to the rest of the weekend as well.  Tomorrow (Saturday) we are definitely excited about the big game.  We are huge Ohio State fans.  I went to Ohio State, and have a bit of fun rivalry with my U of M friends back up in Michigan.  The last two years have not gone our way, so I am hoping this game will be different. Today we decided that have an impromptu football party tomorrow, while we watch the game at home where it will be warm and dry. I will be posting about it on the blog and Instagram after the game. I picked up the supplies and food today at the Dollar Tree and Aldi. 

On Sunday, we will be having a second Thanksgiving at home.  I got a great deal at Meijer for a turkey, and we really wanted to have lots of leftovers for another one of our Thanksgiving traditions.  I have made leftover Thanksgiving Pizza for my own kids, and now also for D's kids. I look forward to it more than the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  We love it so much, I need to make several pizzas because they disappear so fast.  If you have leftovers this weekend, and dont know what to do with them, check out the recipe. 

I have my newest Treasure Hunt now in my Etsy Shop. In this hunt, you use the clues to find Santa's missing reindeer.  My other two hunts will also be up very soon.  

On Instagram there is another recent update this week. I have been accepted for an Amazon storefront, and an LTK shop. What I like about the LTK shop is there is such a variety of stores you can link to your shop.  My favorite stores are all very affordable, so in my shop you will mostly see fun finds from Target, Walmart and Five Below.  If you ever need gift or decor ideas, you can find my shops in my Instagram bio.  

Did you know that I recently started a newsletter?  You can sign up in the upper right hand corner of my blog. I would love to see you join us.  

Well it looks like it is time to get this party started.  Link up and HAVE FUN! 


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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza


I feel a little bit like Mariah Carey this week, because it is  Thanksgiving means I can say.. IT'S TIME!  I am so excited because this week, it is time for Leftover Thanksgiving Pizza.  

We look forward to the Thanksgiving pizza more than the actual meal. In fact we are going to have two Thanksgiving meals this week, just to make sure we have leftovers.  On actual Thanksgiving we will be celebrating with family, because it is also a very important birthday for a family member.  Since I will not be hosting that meal, we most likely will not have many leftovers to make the pizza. On Sunday we will have our own Thanksgiving meal at home, and then on Monday it will be Leftover Pizza Day! 

When I make our pizzas, I make three of them because they disappear so quickly.   

In case you are wondering what make this recipe so good, you are in luck because I am sharing the recipe. 

I always seem to make this pizza at night, and we don't have the best lighting in our kitchen so the pictures are a little darker than I would like.  

The crust is a package of crescent dough. You will need one package for each pizza.  Bake the dough at 425 degrees for 8 minutes.

You can choose what you would like for your sauce, but my favorite is cranberry sauce with the berries mixed it. I spread it generously on each of the crusts.  On years when I did not have cranberry sauce, I used black cherry ice cream topping which was a good alternative. 

The next layer is stuffing.  We usually do not have enough leftover stuffing for all the pizzas, so I will make an extra box or two. 

The next layer on top of the stuffing is the shredded turkey.  I try to use white meat, because we like the taste of it better.  

Our family loves cheese, so I apply a generous amount. 

Put the pizza back into the hot oven and back for about 6 more minutes.  (to melt the cheese, and warm the ingredients)  

When it is done, it is a wonderful mix of your favorite Thanksgiving flavors.  This recipe is also adaptable, and easily changeable to your own favorite leftovers. 


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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Let's Dare to Share!

It's Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It it is time to Dare to Share!  

Time flew by this week.  I am finally feeling better.  I am not 100%, but I am doing a lot better than last week. There were a lot of things going on this week at work, and this weekend we made our monthly trip to Michigan.  One of my friends have a birthday coming up right after Thanksgiving, so we wanted to celebrate with her. We just got back from our Friday night dance, which was a lot of fun.   

I worked quite a few extra hours at work this week, so I was not able to get quite as much done online as I normally would.  

Before I worked the extra hours, I posted Turkey Sandwich Snacks on the blog. My kids loved eating these sandwiches when they were kids.  It is a fun and healthy way to celebrate the season.  

Over in the Etsy shop I have a few new listings in the works. I have two to three new Christmas Scavenger Hunts that will be posted in the upcoming week.  I am pretty excited about them, so I hope you will be too. 

Well it is getting really late, so I better get this party started.  

Link Up and HAVE FUN! 


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Monday, November 13, 2023

Turkey Sandwich Snacks

Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away, so now is a good time to start thinking turkey. When my kids were younger I made these adorable turkey themed snack size sandwiches so they would start to be excited about celebrating Thanksgiving. 

Ten years ago I first shared this post as a guest post on another blog.  Even ten years later, these turkey sandwich snacks are fun to make and eat. 

What is great about these sandwiches is you do not actually have to use turkey.  You can use whatever filling you want. If you do use something like peanut butter and jelly though, you might not want to use sweet peppers for the feathers.  Pretzel sticks would be a tastier choice.   

 When my kids were young, they were not fans of crust.  Now that they are older they don't mind it, but I like the smaller size of the bread with no crush.  I used a circle shape cookie cutter to make the head.  At the time of this post I could not find my plain circle, so I used this one instead.  I just cut off the little piece that sticks out.  

Once you fill your bread with some kind of filling, some good choices are chicken salad, tuna, or turkey and cheese, you are going to need to add the feathers.  I sliced sweet peppers in orange, red and yellow into long strips, and then cut them in half. Place the peppers on top of the bottom slice of the sandwich and arrange them so that the will stick out of the sandwich like feathers. Once they are in place, add the top layer of the sandwich.   

Use a little bit more sandwich filling to the circle piece of bread and place it on top of the sandwich.  I used cranberries cut in half for the eyes, and attached them with a tiny bit of cream cheese. If you do not like cranberries that's okay, grapes or raisins would work too.  I cut a small triangle out of yellow pepper for the beak, and small slice of the red pepper for the snood.  

These sandwiches are fun to make and eat with the kids. 

 Another tradition that my kids and I used to do is make Thankful turkeys.  I would cut a turkey and feather shapes out of construction paper and then we would write what we were thankful for.  

In more recent years, I made a Thankful Turkey Craft Kit so others can easily make a Thankful Turkey too.  You can find them at this link here in my Etsy shop.  

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Friday, November 10, 2023

It's Party Time! Let's Dare to Share!

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Happy Friday! I am glad to get through this week, because I was literally in bed for most of it.  I went to bed Sunday night not feeling great, but I thought it was just a cold.  I woke up Monday feeling like it was way more than a cold. Something must have been going on with my inner ears, because I was so dizzy I could not get out of bed.  I slept almost all of Monday and Tuesday.   I was still dizzy Wednesday morning, but started to feel a little better by the afternoon. It felt so good to finally be able to stand long enough to take a shower. Thursday I felt strong enough to go back to work, and today I am almost back to normal.  Hopefully I will continue to get back to 100%,

I was hoping to write a few blog posts this week, but I was only able to get one written before I did not feel well.  Last week the course I took to learn how to make printables and open my Etsy shop, was open for enrollment. I truly love this course, and I share about it whenever I can.  You can read more about it in my post How to Make Money Selling Printables.  While open enrollment is not going on right now, you can still check out the course through their workshop and/or book, and join through their emails.  

 Speaking about printables, I did add a new listing to Etsy this week.  I added a Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Kit.  

My kit is based it on one of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts, my Turkey Napkin Rings I made with cardboard tubes and card stock. This would be a fun craft for the kids to do to decorate the Thanksgiving table. 


Over on Instagram my elves Buddy and Joy are back.  They are in my stories with my Elf Advent Activity Cards, and Buddy has starred in some Elf reels.  I just recorded Buddy's new fashion show for this year, and will be posting it this weekend!  

If you are interested in any of my printables in my shop, I am having a 25% off sale through Monday for Veterans Day. :)

One last thing if you are interested in joining my newsletter, you can subscribe in the upper right hand corner of my blog. 

Now that you know what I have been up to this week, I would love to hear what you have been up too.  Link Up and HAVE FUN! 

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Saturday, November 4, 2023

How to make money selling printables


Have you ever thought about selling printables to make a little bit of side money?  I have been making and selling printables for a couple of years, and I LOVE it.   

When I first starting making printables, I did not know where to start but then I came across a course that literally changed everything.  

** I do have to disclose I am an affiliate for this course, and everything in this post is 100% my own opinion. 

I found this course by Gold City Ventures.  I felt the course to be affordable, especially for how much value you get from it.  You learn so many things in this course from creating to selling, and so much more.  You also have constant support along the way, and receive free templates which is so helpful especially as first you start out.

Another huge bonus when you sign up for the course  is you are also given a free 30 day trial in their VIP membership group.   You can stay in the group past 30 days which is completely free when you reach 100 sales.   I find the group so supportive, I am  still in the group two years after taking the course.   In the VIP membership group we have several events throughout the month that you can join live or watch on replay. 

The course is currently open for enrollment until midnight on Nov 6th, and you can find it here.

I could go on and on about how much I like the course, but I have more to show you  if you are still unsure about it. 

They have a FREE ebook called Seasonal Product Secrets, and a FREE workshop called Manifest Passive Income with Printables both of which are helpful resources. 

They also have a FAQ Video to answer questions you might have.  

Last but not least, you can read student testimonials from those who have taken the course.

If you do decide to take the course, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  

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Friday, November 3, 2023

It's time to Dare to Share!

It's Friday night and you know what that means..
It is time to Dare to Share!  

Happy November! 

Did you have a Happy Halloween?  We had a very cold Halloween with snow flurries. I only had my costume on for short period of time before changing to much warmer clothes. Since we have dogs who do not like the doorbell, we sit on the porch to hand out candy. It was pretty chilly, but we still had a ton of kids come by.  

It was a very busy week here at work in addition to the Halloween and birthday festivities. I only had a chance for one blog post Our Halloween night and Dollar Tree Halloween DIYS

I'm busy working on a few new Thanksgiving listings over in my shop.  Im almost finished with a couple turkey crafts.  I already have my Thankful Turkey Craft Kit in my shop.  When my kids were younger, we had a tradition to make Thankful Turkeys every year.  We would add feathers to a paper turkey and write what we were thankful for on each of the feathers. Once they were complete we would hang them up so we could be reminded every day what were thankful 

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  Over on Instagram I am starting to share Elf on the Shelf ideas. Last year I had so much fun sharing an Elf Fashion Show.  This year he is having another one with all new outfits.  If you would like to see new ideas for your elf be sure to follow me over there.

Did you know that I have a newsletter?  I would love to have you to subscribe.  You can find the sign up box on the top right of my blog.  

***One more thing that I forgot to add last night.  If you are interested in learning how to create your printables, the course I took and LOVED is currently open for enrollment.  You can read about it here.   If you see this after the closing deadline, you can still click on the course to learn more about it. 

Now that you know what I have been up to, I would like to see what you have been up to so let's get this party started!.

Link up and HAVE FUN!  

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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Our Halloween Night and Halloween Dollar Tree DIYS

 Did you have a nice Halloween?  We had a very busy weekend with birthdays, Halloween activities, and visiting with friends and family.   

Tuesday night was Trick or Treat night where I live. I have been making DIYs with Dollar Tree supplies for the last several weeks. I did not have a chance to post about my large friends  standing behind me on my porch yet, because I just finished the witch the night before.   

I put out this Welcome Trick or Treaters sign from the Dollar Tree Plus section. I had a few other signs as well, but I did not put them out because it was snowing out, and didn't want to risk them getting ruined. 

I made pumpkin lanterns using candy pails from Walmart and push lights. I glued on two sets of witch feet, and a witch hat on the sitting pumpkin.  On the the other pumpkin I glued on a Dollar Tree candlestick and gem spider.   You can see more on how I made them in this post here.

I made this hanging lantern with a  Walmart candy pail, Dollar Tree garden chain, and a strobe light. It looked really cool greeting all the Trick or Treaters. 

You can see a little more on how I made the giant porch monsters in the second photo.  For the legs, I rolled and zipped tied black foam board.  They legs were then glued onto a pizza pan.  

Underneath the poster board I used three laundry baskets and zipped tied them together in this formation. While I did have these on the porch to greet the trick or treaters, they were not super sturdy with the wind.  I sat in a chair right in front of them to keep them in place.  My Christmas version of this craft will stay indoors. 

I loved how my spooky pool noodle candles turned out.  I will definitely be making these again for Christmas, but with red and white pool noodles. You can see more about how I made them here.

I think one of my favorite Halloween DIYs this season was the my light up ghosts using all Dollar Tree items.  I would have liked to put them outside on Halloween, but didn't because of the cold and windy weather.  I shared more on how to make the ghosts on this post here.

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