Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to make a fox costume, Part 1

As you  probably know by now, when I am creating things, I usually just have to make it up as I go along.   Kara wants to be a fox this year for Halloween.   Of course, she picked something that once again does not have a pattern to follow.    I bought her faux fur on Sunday.   I think I am going to make the costume in pieces and then put them all together later on.  The fur is not the easies to work with, and my sewing machine is 20 years old and has problems with its tension..(meaning the thread breaks a lot, FRUSTRATING!)    After school today we started by making a slip over  the head vest.  I had her put on her white sweatshirt that she will be wearing under the costume.  She wore it last year with her Cream costume, and it still fits.. YEA! I could not find the measuring tape, so I had her lay on the fabric and I marked it off.  

I cut a small neck hole and cut the fur to waist length. 

I stitched the shoulder seams and flipped the fabric, fur side out.  I cut a slit on the back about 4 inches long, so that it would fit comfortably over her head.  I will next sew the side seams.  It is a pain in the behind to sew arms, so I told her we should add fur to the arms of the sweatshirt, and not add full fur arms.  Luckily she likes that I idea. 

My goal is to have this costume done by the end of  the week so we can enter a local costume contest at a Halloween festival this weekend.  If I dont finish it in the next few days, she will be wearing last years costume in the contest.   We will see what happens.. Part 2, will hopefully be posted shortly. 

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