Saturday, October 1, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Today is October 1.  Some people say that the kick off to the holiday season is Thanksgiving.  I feel it is actually October 1.  In the next few weeks Halloween festivities go into high gear. Immediately after that it is Thanksgiving, and in just a couple of months Christmas.   These 3 months are a blur of activity and Christmas will be here before we can take a breath.     Did you see your first holiday display yet??  I have!  Michaels crafts had  a display of collectiables out and they were all playing Christmas music.   All of the songs were different, which gave me a headache.  I felt for the workers who will have to listen to that for the next 3 months!  When I was at Kohls this week, they too have up their Christmas tree dispay WAY TOO EARLY! Seriously, Christmas ornaments up in September.  ACK!!  When I worked in retail many years back, we at least waited until November 1st to put up Christmas.     
While I am against jumping holidays and displays up for months.  I am not against shopping and preparing early.  Because of that,  I am starting a new series today called Frugal Gift Ideas.   I will try post  a frugal gift idea  everyday, but if that doesn't happen at least 4-5 times a week.   It might be a great deal I saw at the store or online, it might be a easy gift you can make, it might be a stocking stuffer.   There is no reason why we need to spend tons of money on the holidays when if given some thought, could cost a fraction of the cost.  
On November 1st, I will be starting the Ornament of the Day and Treat of the Day series.  I did this last year when my blog was much smaller and on Weebly.  I got a great response so I will be doing it again this year.  If you have an ornament, treat idea, or gift idea you would like to share for me to feature please contact me.  My email address link is in my profile. 

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