Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meet Our New Family Member

I had every intention of getting some crafting done today.   That did not happen.  Instead I worked in the garage organizing and making room so I could park my car in the garage.  About a week ago, I thought I had locked my car one night. I must have hit the unlock button instead.   The next morning when I went out to take my son to school, I found that someone had been going through the car.  At first I wasnt too concerned because it looked like only a handful of change was missing.  When I told my  oldest daugther, she informed me she had left her DS in the car.   I was hoping she was wrong, but it has not turned up around the house yet   Because of what happened, and with cold weather right around the corner, we took advantage of the 80 degree day to finally work on the garage.   When we were done, I took Kara to the pet store with me to get some pet food for our 3 lizards and 2 turtles.  That is when she saw the drawf hamster sitting with a large sign on its cage.  The hamster, the cage and all its accessories were on sale for $39.99.  She has been begging for a hamster, or a mouse for quite awhile.  I have been able to resist her begging since it was going to be too expensive to buy everything separately.  I deflected her begs for the moment by using the most used line by a parent hoping to stall,  you will have to  ask your father.   She immediately asked her dad the second we got home.  To my amazement, the man who thinks we already have too many animals, said YES!  It seems, he too, is weak to her begging.  She also made all the usual promises that she would take care of it.  She would do lots of extra chores to help pay for it.  She would be careful and only open the cage when the door is shut, so he doesnt meet an untimely end with our feline furballs.   She named it Sonic because it loves to run in its wheel.   I have to admit, he is very cute!  I also like the fact, that I will have a super helper around the house for a few weeks while I am able to use her promises for doing extra chores.   


  1. I just love this story! I've heard it in this family so many times:) If you look on my blog, you will see my grand daughter's hamster, Belle. She is lying on top of the tiny kitty that the same grand daughter's Boxer very gently brought to me. Belle is a very friendly, sweet hamster that likes people and baby cats:)

  2. Judy... I showed her the pictures and she loves Boo Kitty. She was amazed with how little the kitten was with the hamster. Since our cats are full grown, we will not be trying that trick. LOL!


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