Saturday, October 8, 2011

Butterfly Beauty

Yesterday in the yard, a Monarch butterfly landed on Kara and did not want to leave. 

She was very careful not to touch its wings, while it  crawled all over her. 

She could tell the butterfly was probably at the end of its life.  Its wings were no longer full and flat,  and they were beginning to curl up a bit. We think it knew that Kara was an animal loving person, because it did not want to leave her.

She was finally able to distract it,  when she gave it a strawberry.  

She went to go check on her friend today and he was still in the area where she had left it.  Todays its wings were a little more curled.  It seemed to be waiting for Kara.  It happily sat on her finger until it took its last butterfly breath.  She started to cry because something so wonderful was no longer alive.  She knew that butterflies had very short life cycles and that it was its time.  She just was grateful that it chose her to be with her.   I love all the wonderful photos I was able to take of such a beautiful moment. 

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  1. Well, now I am sitting here with tears in my eyes:-(


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