Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too Close to Home

With my busy schedule,  I decided to take it easy most of the day.  Then this afternoon I took one of my daughters to go buy a swimsuit and some shorts.   She needed a swimsuit for her end of the year party next week, and her suit from last year no longer fits.   Just as I sat down the computer to possibly post, I got a phone call from my mom.  She didn't even say hello.. She just said.. "We're okay!"   I asked "What?"  She repeated "We're Okay!"   I asked her what she was talking about, because I had no clue.  She then proceeded to tell me that they had just been hit by  tornado.   You see my mom lives in Joplin, Mo.  Luckily she does not live in the part that was just destroyed.  She had, though, been in that area earlier in the day.    Today was Joplin High School's graduation day.    Luckily the ceremony had been at the local college because the high school was  destroyed.  I don't like to think about what could have been if the tornado hit a few hours earlier, and  if graduation was in the high school.    Many other buildings, houses and businesses have also been destroyed.  One of the hosptials was a direct hit.  Some of the patients inside were killed, all the others had to be transported to other locations.    I have 3 neices who have an older brother.  He graduated earlier today, and they had been near where they tornado hit celebrating with him.   Luckily they are all fine.   One of my neices posted on Facebook rather quickly in her status that they were okay.   My SIL temporarily could not find her mom.  I have heard that she  is fine too. 

I am noticing a trend that I am not sure that I like.  In the last 3 months, several of my family members have  had close calls.   My husband was in Japan on March 11 for the massive earthquake/tsumani.  He was SW of Tokyo, so he was just shaken up a bit  but okay.     3 weeks ago my dad and step mom were in the massive tornadoes that hit Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia.   My dad was 15 miles away from the Ringgold, Ga tornado.   My step mom was visiting her family in Mississippi and several touched down in the areas around her.   Now tonight,  my moms town was a direct hit for a massive tornado.  She is fine, but as of right now, more than 24 people are confirmed dead with many others missing.   I am sure people she knows have been  directly affected, and it will take quite some time for the town to recover.    I am so thankful that the Lord has spared my family members from serious harm.     I do hope though, that the too close too home trend does not continue..  My thoughts and prayers are for all the families dealing with the aftermath of all the recent tornadoes and floods.

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