Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Cupcakes and Displays

The orginal plan was to make flower cake pops, but due to an unforseen difficulty and shortage of time, we went to plan B.  I decided to make mini cupcakes using my mini muffin tin.     I used a box cake mix but instead of baking it for the full time listed on the box,  I  baked them for about 8 minutes because of their small size.  
I  wanted them to minic the look of flowers but in a quick and simple way.   I  used 4 colors of candy melts since flowers are different colors.  I also used my spring colored sprinkles.  

I used the 30 second melting method  to melt the candy.   I wasnt sure if I should remove the wrapper but decided to leave them on since they are were colorful.  Using a spoon, I covered the top of the cupcake then covered in sprinklets.  When I finished a color, I placed them in the fridge for the candy to harden quickly.  

To display the mini cupcakes I made two flower pot displays.   I wrapped a dollar store flower foam with foil. 

When the foam was covere, I placed it in spring themed flower pots I also bought at the dollar store. 

I decided to add some color to the circle display I made awhile back for my marshmellow pops .  I wanted to add thicker ribbon, but realized I left it all at my friends house the night before.  I used colorful yarn to give that boost of color. 

Instead of placing the mini cupcakes in the displays and then driving to the party,  I decided to transport them in a rubbermaid container so I could put them together on site. 

A simple way to add the  stick is to use a toothpick to make a small hole through the wrapper.   Place the stick in the hole.  

Using a different toothpick,  I made small holes in the flower foam so I could easily push in the  mini cupcake. 

Both of the display were colorful and fun  as well as inexpensive to make.  

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