Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Help Joplin

As you might have heard on the early news this morning,  the tornado damage was extensive and many people lost their lives.  I just talked to my mom again and both of my extended family members that were unaccounted for were found safe last night.   The one that was in the nursing home by the hosptial was found by her husband just sitting near the building waiting for help.  He had to park a few miles away and walk to the damaged area.  He was able to take her home to rest, because their home had been spared.   My SIL temporarily did not know if her mom and grandma were okay, but both are safe. A 100 year old tree fell on her mothers driveway but luckily missed the house.     My step grandma and step aunt are pretty  banged up.  They rode out the storm in a closet and had to be dug out of the wreakage.  My mom and step dad were supposed to be at that graduation party during the time the storm hit, but had left just a little while before.   My 3 neices were in a car during the storm but had no idea what was going on because they did not hear sirens.  They were able to drive to safety by the grace of God.     So many people are affected by this storm and possibly more today as they are currently under another storm warning. Al Rocker was broadcasting from Joplin and had to sign off to find shelter.  

My SIL who grew up in Joplin has started a donation site through if anyone is interested in helping all the people who desparately need our help.  All money raised through this link will go to the Red Cross.       You can find the donation site here.

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  1. I wanted to let you know of a site that you might want to look at and post the link for this donation site! It might help bring in more funds for your collection! If you would rather me do it since I am a member there please let me know and I will be happy to do that for you! I hope they get all the help they need! God Bless!


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