Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of School/ Welcome Summer Ideas

While I do not have time myself to plan an end of the school year party this year, I do hope to do something special on the last day of school.  All 3 of my kids are moving up to a new school in the fall.  Its an end of an era for all of them, which I feel  should be acknowledged.     I really like this Welcome to Summer banner idea I saw on Family Fun.  It's a fun and easy way  to welcome in the summer.      has some fun and easy end of school recipes to try including one for a crescent dog on a stick.  

How about some summer themed cupcakes from The Cupcake Blog .

I really liked this idea on Family Fun      to give your kids an end of the school year gift to welcome in the summer,  filled with
summer toys and coupons. 

One thing we have done in years past is go to the local Dairy Queen the last day of school.    You could also buy a few containters of ice cream and several toppings and invite your childrens friend over  for a sundae party.    

Whatever you decide to do,  there are many way to say..    WELCOME SUMMER!

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