Friday, May 27, 2011

Mom to Mom sale update

This was at the end of the mom to mom sale at my daughters school.  Kara holding her "new treasure" that she bought from another table.  She did sell on of her toys for $3, so I said it was okay to buy this cute seal for .75.   It poured all day and into the sale time.  Unloading the cars and vans was not fun in the rain, but they had people on had to help.  We had a lot of people coming through early and then it tapered off halfway through.   I did make a small profit and I had fun.  Overall it was a good experience,  and I will try and sell again next year.   I dont even mind that I have things left over because my neighborhood is having a sub wide sale in a month.   I already have the kids clothes ready!  

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