Monday, May 2, 2011

April Coupon Totals

Since it is the start of a new month,  it is time for me to go over my coupon savings from last month.   This month, I noticed a few things.  I spent more on my groceries in April.   I am not too surprised by this, because I recently read that the cost of food went up 4% in the past two months alone.   Now with the recent tornados, floods and gas prices, food will continue to go up more.  A big portion of the countries chicken came from Alabama, so expect the price of chicken to be a bit high for awhile.    I also read that other products, in addition to chicken, will also go up because their production was disrupted.  Now more than ever, people are going to need to turn to coupons to keep their food costs under control. 

Overall I am happy with my month, even with the higher food costs. 

I saved $188.98 in grocery coupons,  $216.73 in sales for a total savings of $405.71
I spent $377.83 on what would have been $783.54 of groceries full price.

I also saved $153.98 in "other" coupons at Target, the craft stores, Kohls, Fridays.

My total coupon savings for the month $342.96  (grocery and other)
I also "earned"  $14 "on your next order" catalinas

My "totally free" totals were  a little down this month... I only had 24 items.   Hey, 24 items is still great, but compared to 40 in Feb and 28 in March,  it's not a trend  I want to see continue. 

We will see what May brings!

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