Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meijer Deals

I had to go to Meijer tonight because we are out of a few things that the kids  need for their school lunch. I ended up buyin a few things that I would not have, it if had not been for a few shopping no nos.   I went when I was starving and I brought my persuasive 9 yr old. 

We were just about out of milk and wont get over to VGs for my free milk I earned until Friday.    I paid $2.99

Kool Aid was on sale at a rock bottom price.  Normally $3.29, this week on sale for $1 each.
Meijer 16 ct waffles on sale for $2.50
2 bags of marshmellows $1.77 (need for a school party)
I was talked into a bag of jumbo marshmellows $2.99.  (have some idea for the blog)
Wheat thins on sale $1.67. (I bought because I was hungry and LOVE the sun dried tomato and basil kind) Philly Cream Cheese on sale $1.67
Meijer brand pudding .89 (need for my son's lunch)
Jacks pizza on sale $2.69
bag of croutons $1.39 (another talked into purchase, because daughter like to eat them for a snack)

Now for the items with coupons..

2 jars of Chi Chis salsa, on sale for .99.  I had two $1 coupons, both salsas were FREE
1 jar Sweet Baby Rays Marianade on sale $1.  I had $1 coupon, so it was toally FREE
3 jars of Sweet Baby Rays dipping sauce on sale $1.  I had $1 coupons, all 3 were FREE
Taco Bell taco seasoning on sale .42.  I had .75 of 2 coupon, final price .09 for both
Deans guacamole dip on sale. 99.  I had .75 catalina coupon, final price .24
Ball Park franks normally $2.99, on sale for .98.  I had two .55 coupons, final price .43 each
4 Knorrs Pasta Sides on sale $1.  I had two .50 off 2 coupon, final price .50 each
Wishbone Dressing on sale $1.67.  I had two .50 coupons that doubled, final price .67 each
Minute Maid rice on price drop $1.79.  I had .50 coupon that doubled, final price .79
Aunt Milles bread on sale, buy 1 get 2 FREE.   I used one .55 off buns coupon,  final price $2.84 for 3 or .94 each
2 Heinz ketchup on sale $1.69.  I had two .25 coupons, final price $1.19 each
Pagoda crab rangoons on sale $2.49.  I had .50 coupon that doubled, final price $1.49
2 Johnsonville bratz on sale for $2.69.  I had two .55 coupons, final price $2.14
Sara Lee lunchmeat on sale $3.50.  I had two $1 coupons, final price $2.50.

I used $19.98 in coupons, and $46.60 in sales.  My overall savings was $66.58.  I spent $51.28 for a savings of 56%. (my savings would have been much higher with out extra $6.53 for MARSHMELLOWS!) 

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