Friday, May 6, 2011

Mega Meet

I spent the day today with a friend at a scrapbooking convention.  While I have been scrapbooking for a very long time (since my 14 yr old was a baby),  I have not been able to do much scrapping in recent years.    I told my friend that I would love to go, but I was going to have to stay under a certain budget. I was also not going to buy many scrapbooking supplies because I already have so much that I did not have time to use.   
The Lord was smiling on me today because several things happened that really made the trip worthwhile. 
While in line waiting to buy our $10 entry tickets the woman in front of me asked if I had a coupon to enter the show.  I told her I didnt beause I didnt realized there were coupons.. (you know I would have so had one if I knew there was one!)  She offered for me to join her on her coupon because up to 4 people  could use it..  Her kindness saved me a $1.    I did find some really good deals on things I could use on crafting, not just scrapbooking.   My friend and I were also thrilled to see that BOTH of us won a door prize.  I won a $10 gift certificate to the Digital Scrapbook Teacher.   I might find more time to do digital scrapbooking, since I am on the computer quite a bit.    Several other items were such super deals that not only did I stay under budget,   I left with $5 to spare.  

2 clear storage boxes.. (I have several of these and pick up a few more each year)  Last year they were $4 a piece.. This year they were 2 for $5. 

Rub Ons Clearance..  in years past I have bought them for $1.99-$2.49.   They were on closeout  4 for $1~ 
Clear stamps also on close out  4 for $1. 
Adhesive tape on close out for $1 (normally $6 at scrapbook store)

Camera/Purse normally $19.99 on close out for $3
Camera bag on close out for $1
Chipboard alphabet on close out for $1

Stamping Up Catalog on close out for $3 (normally $10)

Digital Scrapbook Teacher photo editing CD, covention price close out price $10 (last years CD)
Digital Scrapbook Teacher digital scrapbooking CD  FREE (won as door prize!)

There was one item I was really hoping to buy, but the booth was temporarily out of stock.   They were expecting more in this afternoon but were not in before we had to leave.  It was a vendor who is relatively close by so I might still  get one and feature it at a later date.  

Full price all of these items would have been about $150.  I spent only $32, almost an 80% savings!

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