Saturday, March 17, 2012

Was My Face Red!

I did a quick run to Kroger and McDonalds tonight with Kara. It was such a beautiful day that time kind of got away from us.   Since we were out of milk, and it was already late enough not to want to cook anything,  I said I would make a quick Kroger stop. I had just put the milk in my cart, when I remembered I needed something in another aisle.  I turned the cart, but the corner of it caught this nice display of popcorn that is in the picture.  I watched as it fell over in what seemed like slow motion, and  I then immediately started laughing. Kara jumped up and started picking up the display.  Being a crazy blogger,  instead of helping her, I pulled out my cell phone.  I had planned on getting a picture of the popcorn all over the floor.  I didn't have a chance to do that  though. Two really nice people saw what happened, and immediately came over to  help pick up the boxes.  I didn't really want to explain why I was taking a picture instead of helping, so I put my camera away.  The nice man said to me, "at least it was just popcorn, and not glass".  I have to agree.  When you knock over a display of small boxes it doesn't really make much noise, so very people knew what had happened.  I thanked them for their help, and then whipped out the phone for a picture.  I told Kara to pose beside it so we could remember what happened.  I guess she is on to me. She told me that I was the one who knocked it over so she should be taking a picture of ME.  She was completely innocent.  LOL!  We did end up straightening the boxes even more after this photo was taken, so the display is as good as new. 

A little bit of a bonus we found going to the store on the evening of a holiday.  The St. Patrick's Day donuts were marked down to only $2.49 a dozen.  

How I celebrated the day.  I wore green,  went  craft shopping with my special coupons, and enjoyed  a Shamrock Shake. Yum! 

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