Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Make a Truffula Tree

I have always loved Truffula Trees, and wondered what one would look like in real life if they actually existed.  March is reading month, and next week our school is having a Lorax themed book fair.  These trees were made by the two moms in charge of the book fair.  I thought they were so much fun, I knew I would have to mention them here.   If you are planning an upcoming Dr. Seuss/ Lorax themed party wouldn't it be fun to decorate with Truffula trees of your own.

Truffula trees are actually not that difficult to make.   Find a long tube and paint it white. Use black paint and paint rings every few inches to make the stripes.

To make the top of the tree, a child's rubber ball was taped to the tube.  The ball can not be seen looking straight on,  I angled upward with my phone to see what the feathers were attached to.  I wasn't sure if it was a balloon or a ball, until I got a good look.  It makes sense to use a ball if you want the trees  to last for several days.  If you use balloons, they  would lose air and possibly pop.

Once the balls are secure, a feather boa found at the craft store was attached to the ball.   Then to make the scene more colorful,  dollar store plastic tablecloths were wrapped around the trunks.

I am so looking forward to the book fair next week, so I can see the full display.

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