Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peep Wreath

I LOVE peeps!  I also love all of the Peep wreaths that I have been seeing on Pinterest.   I love them so much that if I bought Peeps to make a wreath, I would most likely eat as many as I used in my craft.  It just so happened that last year I  bought 5 boxes of Peeps right after Easter,  and put them away for safe keeping. (hid them from the kids). Well I guess I hid them very well, because I forgot I had them until just recently.   Since I was not going to eat year old Peeps, I thought they would be perfect to use on my own version of the Peep Wreath.

I started with a styrofoam wreath I recently bought with a JoAnns coupon.  It was only a couple of dollars.

I only had 3 boxes of chick  peeps and 2 boxes of bunnies.  The bunny Peeps were blue and pink. I thought that might be too many colors, so I concentrated on the chicks.

Using toothpicks, I placed each peep onto the styrofoam.  I used half toothpick for the Peeps on top and full toothpicks on the center Peeps.

They are looking at me, asking me to eat them.  Good thing I know how old they are.  This should keep the kids from eatting my wreath too.

I didn't have enough Peeps to wrap them all around the outside.  I found some purple tulle in my craft stash and decided to add that. I like the look, but debating if I should buy a few more boxes and add some more. For now though, I think it looks sweet enough to eat.

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