Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fun Egg Coloring Technique

There were our Easter Eggs last year  I love how bright and colorful they were.  There was one technique we experimented with, that I think we will definitely do again this year.  

Egg Stripes 

Some more of our striped eggs

To make a striped egg, wrap rubber band tightly around the egg.  Depending on how you wrap the egg, will determine how the stripe  will turn out.

Dip the egg in the coloring.  I like vibrant, colorful eggs, so I keep mine in the dye for a long time.  Once the egg is dry, remove the rubber bands and see how the stripe turned out.

I  also thought this egg was really pretty.  It was dipped halfway in a color 3 times.  First in the yellow on the bottom half.  Green dye was uses for the top half but only for a minute since we wanted a pale color.   The egg was then dipped halfway in the pink the long way to make the other 2 colors.  I might also try this technique again and see what fun combinations I can come up with.

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  1. I love the stripes! I wouldn't have guessed how to do that :)


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