Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super Spring Finds

Today I went to the Dollar Tree and lunch with a friend.  I was thrilled with all the goodies I found at the dollar store for upcoming projects.  This is not the best picture because of the time of day I took it and the amount of light in the background, but here is what I found.

3 plastic bowls (1 is behind the candlesticks)  I have a fun project planned with 2 of them.

2 candlesticks (will use for a project)

3 springtime cupcake wrappers (found in the party aisle)

a pink metal mini bucket (possibly will use for an Easter project)

2 bags of bright color mini eggs (have an Easter craft planned)

3 packs of mini clay pots (may use for a project at a later time)

3 colorful plates to use for display purposes

2 pairs of garden gloves (we are always looking for our gloves when working outside)

2 flowers to possibly use in a planed project.

Kara and I also have a special themed party planned.  I do not want to tell you what it is for just yet,  but  I did find some great items to use.  I really like this  color scheme. It wasn't planned until I saw the colors of the bandanas.  The clerk told me they just came in this week.  

I love the Dollar Tree.  They did have some brand new items today.  I saw some adorable mini tea cup candles, and a few other things that I still might go back and get.  If you are are planning a party, or like to craft you really should visit often because their inventory changes frequently.

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