Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mission Organization-Baking Station

I have a corner in my kitchen under my counter that looked like this.  Unfortunately it was a mess that had started to spread.  To the left and not in the picture were about 8 pop bottles, and another bag of goodies.  In these bags were baking supplies I bought over the holidays, but had no place to store them.  I knew I had to get things under control, and fast.

While at Target the other night, I saw these wire shelving units that were about 3 feet tall.  They would fit perfectly under the countertop.  I wish they were on sale, but at $19.99, they were reasonably priced.

What a difference!  They hold so much stuff..  I bought the bins at the dollar store. The red picnic basket, I bought on clearance at Target last summer for only $2.50.  I love that everything is in one place and easy to reach.

The after picture.  A 100% improvement.

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