Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mission Organization-Shoes in the Entryway

I have a family of dumpers.  By that I mean  we walk in the door and dump, everything as soon as we get in.   (I am including myself in this because those are my  croc flip flops. LOL)  Unfortunately we don't have a very big entryway hallway, so we are always tripping over shoes. As the kids get bigger, so do the shoes!
The backpacks are normally thrown on the bench. The basket has some misc. shoes, hats, and gloves. It really needs to be sorted. It was a failed attempt to get things off the floor awhile back.

This is how that corner currently looks.  There are still backpacks on the bench, so I did not include that in the picture.

While at Target this weekend, I noticed that the size of a planter was the perfect size for our entryway, and big enough to hold several pairs of shoes.  I bought 2 and lined the up along the wall with the coats.

A few months ago I added temporary hooks in the hallway to keep the coats off the floor.  For the most part, it has worked.  2 of the 3 three will hang up their coats.  The 3rd one still likes to drop in the family room.  Hopefully having a place to put the shoes will keep them more contained, I will stop tripping over shoes.   

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