Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pie Day!


Today is March 14th, otherwise known as Pi/Pie Day.  If you have no idea why today is Pie Day, the date 3/14 is the same as the number Pi  which is also 3.14.   Math has never been my favorite subject, but if it means we have an excuse for something sweet to eat today, I am all for it.

A few days ago I realized that Pie Day was coming up, and thought to myself that I would need to come up with a fun, new pie recipe.  Fast forward to today.  I realize that another day snuck up on me, and I do not have the supplies to make a pie on hand.   I then remembered a wonderful pie recipe that I made last summer.  My friends and family LOVED my recipe for strawberry pie , and I was asked to make it several more times.   I also added blueberries, to make it a red, white and blue pie for 4th of July.

If you like fruit pies, you will need to check to easy and delicious pie for yourself.  You can see the full tutorial here.

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