Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Never Ceases to Amaze Me

I wanted to take a minute to share what my daughter did today.  She is always amazing me. It's days like this when you know you are doing something right.   Yesterday when she came home from school, she told me she had to make a present.  When I asked her what the present was for, she told me the story of her teachers niece.  She said that Mrs. Z had a new baby niece who needed surgery.  When the baby was born she has some sort of medical issue that  they  were trying to fix. She wanted to make the baby a gift, so the baby  would  know she that someone cared.  Kara does not know the niece, but she loves her teacher Mrs. Z.   I don't know how many almost  11 year olds want to make a gift for someone they have never met, but have only seen a picture of in class.

I think she still has every stuffed animal from the last 10+ years.  She found a baby safe bear and made it a felt dress.

She painted a rock from a craft kit with the message to get well soon.

She asked her dad to take her to Target so she could buy a card.  Inside she signed a sweet message.

She excitedly packed up her gift to take her teacher today, so it can be delivered this weekend.

I hope she always keeps this level as thoughtfulness.  Days like today, make me  proud to be her mom.

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