Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cooking with Kyle-Grilled Turkey and Cheese

This week Kyle chose to make a healthy grilled cheese served with tomato soup.  We also had a mini watermelon that I bought yesterday for dessert.

I took him to the store to pick out which ingredients he wanted to use for his healthy grilled cheese.
He chose 100% whole grain bread, light miracle whip, calcium enriched margarine, 2% milk cheddar cheese, and a sharp cheddar cheese.

He also added a slice of sliced turkey breast to each sandwich. We just forgot to bring it out  in the first picture. By the time we realized it, he was already in the middle of cooking.

Using a cheese slicer, he sliced each of the cheeses into very thin slices.  He cut 4 of each kind for each sandwich.   We were not sure if it would be too much or not enough, but I thought it was the perfect amount when melted.

Before adding the cheese, he spread a little bit of light miracle whip on each of the slices of bread.

                                                                   Adding the cheese

     Adding the turkey

He had never made soup on his own before. I had to tell him how to make it.

He was really concentrating on stirring the soup.  He wanted to be sure to mix it very well.

He spread the margarine on the sandwiches before placing them in the skillet.  (the stain on his shirt was from  his pudding at lunch. Hopefully it will come out in the wash!)

I helped him flipped the first few, but he soon  got the hang of it on his own.  It was fun to see the excitement on his face.

He was having some trouble being serious in this picture.  His grilled cheese sandwiches  turned out perfectly.

Yummy cheesy goodness!!

A perfect dinner on a warm spring night!


  1. I gotta enJOY me a grilled cheese & turkey sandwich. That sounds good Kyle & the water melon is a great idea too.

  2. Great job, Kyle! Another amazingly yummy recipe! Thanks again for sharing with us at Kids in the Kitchen weekly link up. Can't wait to see what next week brings with you! :)
    Blessings, Carrie @ younglivingoillady.com

  3. So cute! Turkey is one of the few meats I can get Riley to eat and grilled cheese her favorite so I'll have to make sure to try Kyle's recipe out. Thanks for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  4. I really love Kyle's recipes! Thank you for sharing with Kids in the Kitchen! awesome - hope to see ya next week again!

  5. Mmmm...now I have a craving for grilled cheese with tomato soup!

    (Visiting from Feature Yourself Friday)

    Aramelle {One Wheeler's World}

  6. I agree! Super craving it right now! :) Thanks so much for linking up at Fantabulous Friday @ Little Becky Homecky this week! :)

    Katie @ Little Becky Homecky

  7. hmm... this is making me hungry. This is usually our Sunday night meal here at our house :) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday.

  8. Great post, love to see kids interested in cooking at a young age. Great job Kyle always, have fun in all you do.

  9. Great job! He'll be an awesome hubby someday! Thanks for sharing at Handmade Tuesdays.

  10. Yum! He's getting to be quite the chef! I agree with Carrie; I wish hubby's mama had taught him to cook like you're doing! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  11. Looks so yummy! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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