Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big Savings at Old Navy

Did you use your 30% off Old Navy coupon this weekend?  Once again my kids are in the need for pants.  Kara has grown 4 inches in the last 6 months, and Kyle is in that in between stage where he is not really in either boys or mens' sizes.     The coupon was good on clearance items too, so I got all in the picture for only $67.

Kyle got 2 draw string cargo pull on pants.  They were orginally $22.94 each, on clearance for $14.99.  With the 30% coupon, I got them for $10.50 each.  He also got a pair of  cargos from the mens dept.  They were originally $39.94, marked on clearance to $12.49. After coupon, they were only $8.74

Kara also got a few pairs of pants.  The gray cords were my best deal of the day.  The were orginally marked $24.94, marked down $3.97.  After the  30% coupon, I paid only $2.43!
The tan pair was originally $24.94 as well.  They were marked down to $9.99, and after the 30% coupon were only $6.99.
She also got two reversible skirts that were originally $14.94 each. They were both marked down to $6.49, and were only $4.54 after coupon.
The animal tees were the only clothing items not on clearance.  They were $9.94 each or 2 for $15. I gave in and allowed her to get them because of the coupon.  After coupon they were $5.25 each.

She also fell in love with the glitter St. Patrick's Day piggy bank. She has a piggy bank collection and I owed her a couple of dollars. It was orginally $5.00, but only $3.50 after coupon.  Kyle also got a 3 pack of punch ballons for only $1.40. (I owed him a couple of dollars too)

Full price my items would have been $192.46 before tax.   I spent only $63.64 before tax for a total savings of 67%.

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